Sunday 19 February 2017

Self Care at Home.

Still the germs linger on. Isn't Winter just the worst for all the snuffles and sniffles and coughs. Someone in our house always seems to have some sort of germy bug and I for one can't wait to see some sun. More often than not people attend their local GP surgery for treatment but many of these coughs and colds can easily be treated at home with self care, advise from a pharmacist or even an online pharmacy

There are a dew things that you can do to look after yourself at home saving precious GP appointments for those who really need them.

  • Rest up. Easier said than done but trying to wind down and rest really is one of the best ways to fight an illness. Get an early night, take the day off work and sleep and forget about the housework or anything else that can wait. 
  • Accept help! If parents of other family members offer to help with things or look after the kids so you can rest take them up on their kindness!
  • Take some painkillers as and when required. Pharmacies are fantastic these days and can offer plenty of advice on what to take and what will help. 
  • Drink plenty! Hot drinks like honey and lemon can do wonders f you have a sore throat and can soothe a cough. Also drinking plenty of water is so important especially if you are running a temperature and sweating. 
  • Having a steamy shower (ooo errr, not that kind of steamy though!) and investing in a vapour rub can help with blocked airways and can help you breathe a bit easier. 
  • Remember that coughs and colds are mostly viral infections and should resolve themselves over time, it can be tough when it feels like they are lingering but antibiotics are not effective on a viral illness. 
Of course id you are at all worried or concerned about your symptoms in anyway or you worsen or do not improve then absolutely seek a GP review. In the meantime remember to try over the counter treatment first and see if that helps. 

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