Friday 3 February 2017

Jewels with Berganza.

'Little children love bright, shiny things - and in my experience, most grown up women aren't much difference!' - Author: Sheherazade Goldsmith.

I am much like a magpie. I am immediately drawn to shiny, pretty, sparkly things. I cannot resist the lure of a beautifully crafted necklace, ring or bracelet. I have some stunning jewellery in my collection and my husband knows that I'mm always delighted to be treated to something that sparkles and shines. 

Do you remember when Princess Kate gave us a glimpse of that beautiful sapphire ring that adorns her hand, well that sort of bling makes me weak at the knees. There really is something about the sparkle of a gem, the twinkle of a diamond and a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery.

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Costume jewellery is one of my favourite things in the world. I recently went to an antique fair and treated myself to a very pretty pink sapphire necklace to match my engagement ring. The antique jewellery stalls just lured me in with their twinkling jewels and rainbow colours, much like Berganza, Hatton Garden, London. This specialist shop houses some of the most finest examples of ancient, vintage and antique engagement rings as well as other jewellery items. 

This Aladdin's cave it the ultimate place to go for all things of vintage beauty. Berganza pride themselves on offering the highest quality, handcrafted unique articles that they can. The lovely thing about this company is it's family run with a passionate devotion to their craft. Their extensive knowledge of the heritage of jewellery design ensures that you are in safe hands when choosing a piece from their collection.  

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There really are some stunning pieces to feast  your eyes on. Looking online there is an extensive collection to choose from.  When looking at the pieces you can view the jewellery from a variety of angles as well as a full and comprehensive description of the item.  There are visual size guides which are very handy to get an idea of the size of the piece. There is also reports on the individual pieces to prove that they have been inspected, are top quality and exactly what the components of the ring are and what is genuine. 

So if you're looking for that perfect piece of costume jewellery, or an antique to piece to become an heirloom Berganza is the place to go. Have a little nose at their website, anything take your fancy?

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  1. I, too, am like a magpie! Anything sparkly draws me in in a heartbeat, especially in shops where they put up that particular lighting that makes every facet gleam ;)

    I've never really indulged in an expensive piece of jewellery before, but I LOVE looking at period pieces and would one day love to own some. I can't pick a favourite from this website, as I love all of it!


  2. OOh I do like a bit of sparkle, love these rings - I think I'd want to wear them all the time! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

  3. Oh boy Berganza really do have some beautiful jewellery don't they? I love sparkle too, like your quote says I think most adult women would be the same! ;)
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo
    (sorry for the epically late comment!)


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