Saturday 4 February 2017

Creating a Sensory Wall.

Ever thought about introducing a variety of textures in the home?

Having a variety of different textures within the house can not only create eye catching vocal points but can also provide sensory areas which, if you have young children can stimulate their senses and encourage their imagination. It can also look pretty cool too. Thinking a sensory wall sounds quite cool? Well have a read on for some ideas about how you could create your very own touchy, feely wall.

1. Adding a wide range of textures is key. Think artificial grass, sandpaper, bubble wrap, smooth acrylic, this bright coloured acrylic from Simply Plastics UK is ideal, a variety of different fabrics (leather, suede, silk and hessian are great) and pebbles or shells. 

2. Introduce musical aspects by using things such as pans, symbols, plant post and generally things that can be banged and clanged together.

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3. Mirrors can be a great addition to a sensory wall. Use a variety of sizes positioned at different levels to make it interesting. 

4. Adding buttons can be an interesting addition, collect lots of different sizes and shapes and add them to the wall in different areas, this can also help with counting.

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5. You can either make it really colourful or keep it monochrome depending on the look you going for and how your child interacts with different shades or colours. 

6. Add some funnels or tubes that things can be dropped down to make it really interactive. 

7. You could even add some cute little fairy lights to make it twinkle and sparkle.

8. Use some nuts and bolts and padlocks, kids will love trying to unlock and lock them! I've seen these used before and they are really popular. 

9. Have a velcro area that both feels funny but you can use it to stick objects on to. 

10. Have a little water area.....if you're brave, might be a bit of a bigger project but an intersting concept to add to the sensory love water right!

Have you got any other ideas to create a sensory wall?

*Collaborative Post.

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