Tuesday 18 October 2016

Fancy a Freebie?

Finding Free Stuff: A Guide To Getting Something For Practically Nothing

It is possible to score great products at no cost, but you have to be frugal about what to do and where to go.

Many people would caution that you can't get something for nothing. However, that simply isn't true; there are freebies available, but you have to be willing to go out and get them.

Be Safe And Smart

Use your head when it comes to what products you bring home and where you get them from. Scoring a freebie might be dangerous; there are also rules that you might have to follow. This guide will go over where you can get freebies and what you might need to think about before you take them home with you.

Street Finds

Waarmakers is a product design company out of Amsterdam. Their designers figured out a great way to re-purpose old stuff.

They came up with the Goedzak, which is a see-through bag that has a bright yellow stripe on it. If you have things that you don't use any more, but that you think still have life left in them, you put them in the bag and leave it on the street.

Because the bag is transparent, anyone that is interested can see what they are getting when they pick it up. However, Dutch law does state that if you take something that belongs to someone else off the street, you are stealing.

The UK has the same rules. You cannot go into skips or bins and just grab what you want, even if no one else wants the items.

Let's say that someone has an old crib that they don't want any more. They put it out on the curb. However, the item is still theirs, which means that if anyone picks it up, they could have charges brought against them.

There is one way around this. If you ask the owner first, you can take the item.

Social Media

Social media has a number of purposes. It lets you connect with family members and friends, both new and old. It helps you keep up with what is going on in the world. And, it lets you express yourself.

For those looking for a deal, social media is a gold mine. Companies use sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to get the word out about their products. Therefore, they often offer free samples to people that perform a certain task. For example, you might get a freebie if you like a company's Facebook page.

However, don't do too much too fast. If you sign up for everything that is out there, you may get spammed. You also don't want to give out your personal details to companies that are less than reputable. The people that are on social media are not always honest.

In addition, be careful with the information that you share. You don't want to inadvertently encourage other people to link up with a fraudulent company.

The Top 4 Free Stuff Sites

There are lots of great sites out there that offer free products. These are our top four.

1. Hot UK Deals

This site lets people put up leads about any special offers they have found. Therefore, you might learn about a certain coupon that makes for a great deal or a special sale at a local store. There is an area for freebies as well!

2. Gumtree

Gumtree is a site where people can sell their old things and also advertise their services. For example, you can find a babysitter on Gumtree. If you search around, though, you can also find free stuff! There is a section dedicated to freebies.

3. Freegle

When you sign up for Freegle, you become part of a local group in your area. You can give people things that you don't want any more and take advantage of what others are offering as well! You can find both big and small items, so it is worth it to keep checking to see what you can find. Remember, though, that the only way that the site will stay in business is if people take as well as give. Give when you are able.

4. WOW FreeStuff

This site allows you to enter your email address so that you can get daily updates for all the latest free stuff. They have been known to offer information to their community about free gym passes, free food and free perfume samples, among other things.

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  1. I've never heard of Freegle so thanks for the tip! I'm always on the lookout for some good freebies :)


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