Saturday 5 January 2013

GOSH Holographic Nail Polish

Yesterday I discovered this beauty! Special edition holographic nail polish (shade: 549, holographic hero) I'm quite a fan of GOSH products (available from most Superdrug stores) I think for the high street they are excellent quality at a great price, in fact Superdrug are offering 1/2 price on selected GOSH nail polishes at the moment. When I picked this up I hadn't actually noticed it was holographic, I just thought it was silver so was very pleased when I got home and had a proper look at it!

When I first applied this I was a bit disappointed as it went on quite streaky and looked quite pale, however two coats later with a  super quick drying speed I was very impressed. When held under the right light it's absolutely stunning, I found myself just staring at my nails later in the evening as they kept catching the light and looking very prismatic. It's literally like having disco balls on your fingertips!

Trying to capture the total effect of this polish is quite difficult on camera and it looks much more impressive in real life. The bottle states it's for one night wear but in the picture below I've had the polish on for 24 hours and I still think it looks almost as good as on first application.

Helly's top tip: I would suggest adding a top coat into the layers for a little extra staying power but would advise against putting a top coat onto the final layer as it seems to dull the holographic effect to a degree.  Also for the maximum effect, apply before going out as it does seem to lose the intensity after 24 hours. 

Helen X


  1. It's such a beautiful polish! I love it! x

    1. I know :-) it looks lovely on just a shame it doesn't last longer, I definitely got more than 1 night wear out of it though! x

  2. Hallo, welcome to the world of Blogging:) I noticed that you are new at blogging on the FBL plage on facebook:)
    Just promote your blog as much as you can on social networks, join blog hops and keep it interesting to gain new followers:)

    Love those nails by the way, such a lovely colour.
    Here is a link to my Blog too, maybe we can follow each other after you've had a look at it:) x

  3. Hello and thank you! I am new to this, I appreciate the advice, I need more of an audience! I have read and followed your blog, I look forward to reading more.

    Can thoroughly recommend the nail polish if you can get hold of it!

    Helen X


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