Saturday 5 January 2013

Epic Hot Choc

Jamie's Epic Hot Chocolate

I've recently developed this obsession with hot chocolate. I've no idea why as I've never really been into the sickly sweet chocolate gloop but the last few months I've enjoyed nothing better than curling up in bed with a mug of hot choc and a good book. 

After watching the Jamie Oliver Christmas special I thought I'd have a go at making his  'Epic Hot Chocolate' recipe. Ohhh it's good, so very good! It's actually a really simple recipe to follow and the only extra ingredient I had to buy was the malted drink (Horlick's etc).  After finding a suitable 'shakey shakey' container I whacked all the ingredients in and boom there you have it, an intense homemade hot chocolate powder!

Obviously I had to test it out for 'research' purposes. It really is epic, it's intense, it's dark, it's chocolatey and it doesn't last long once in the mug! One piece of advice, curl up, read a book and do not think about the calorie intake per mug! 

Helen X


  1. This sounds yummy! Especially good to chase away the January blues x


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