Thursday 3 January 2013

Blooming Beautiful Beauty

Christmas Beauty

Like any other twenty something new Mummy, (ahem, I am still in my twenties although my thirties are approaching far too quickly!) I'm obsessed with all things pretty and anything that will make me look more 'alive' and 'young', and more importantly awake! I say awake as in the last 7 months I've developed more black circles under my eyes than Marilyn Manson, sleep deprivation is something else! 

For Christmas I was lucky to receive some lovely gifts, many beauty related. I was very  pleased to receive some new Guerlain Meteorites which are just exquisite face pearls, rather pricey but beautiful never the less, I will review these in further posts. I also received some delicious Lush products and some new perfume (Roberto Cavalli). After assessing my already rather large make up collection I came to the decision that I needed more makeup in my life and treated myself to some new items. I wanted to try a new brand that wouldn't break the bank and I've favoured brands such as No7 & Rimmel (high street brands) and Clarins, Benefit, Lancome (as a treat) for as long as I can remember and after much consideration and recommendation I have decided to try the E.L.F (eyes,lips,face) brand, I had also been recommended Sleek cosmetics but that will be another month! Once I've received these products I will review these also, I wait to eagerly receive my parcel!

Helen X

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