Wednesday 16 January 2013

GlossyBox Review: January 2013

I'd heard about Glossy Box a little while ago, you pay £12.95 (including p&p) and each month you get delivered 5 beauty miniatures to pamper yourself with (although I have read on other blogs that on occasions you do get full size items) After making a little bit of money on EBay I thought I'd give it a go to banish some January blues!

'Detox' Glossy Box - January 2013
I received my first Glossy Box yesterday and with it being January obviously the theme of this particular box is 'detox'. I have read that sometimes the products you receive can be hit and miss and that the delivery can be, at times terrible. However, my box arrived before 11am in perfect condition, no issues there. Firstly, the box and packaging are gorgeous. The miniatures come in a lovely, good quality pink box with the Glossy Box logo on top, the samples are then wrapped in black tissue paper and tied with a cute pink ribbon, how girly!

Glossy Box Contents:

1. Jason Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm (RRP £1.99 for 4.6g) Useful! Love my lip balms as I've mentioned previously. It aims to quench dry lips by containing Beeswax, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and organic Aloe Vera Gel, to moisturise it contains Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. It smells nice and was smooth to apply, will come in handy!

2. Premae Skincare, Balance Rescue Face Tonique (RRP £27.50 for full size 50ml) I love using a nice toner so was looking forward to trying this. I used it last night and it was really nice, my skin felt really clean and refreshed and because it is alcohol free it wasn't too harsh. The information supplied states that it contains antiseptic lemongrass, sandalwood oil and hydrating rose water, it's smells nice also.

3. Duck Island Limited Body Lotion (RRP £24.95 for 2 x 250ml) I'm constantly on the look out for great body moisturisers so was pleased to receive this. It smells  gorgeous, really fresh and citrusy. It is an oil free formulation and contains a fragrant combination of mandarin and bergamot, yummy! I tried a bit this morning and my skin was so smooth afterwards, I really liked this. 

4. Monu Aromatic Mask (RRP £24.95 for 100ml)  I'm not really a fan of face masks as I'm far too impatient to have one on of for 15 minutes! This particular mask does sound lovely. It's a warming clay mask which is supposed to help increase mineral and vitamin absorption instantly renewing and  invigorating the skin. Now I know I need this in my life so I'll definitely give it a go!

5. Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator (RRP £12.00 for 100ml) Now this I was looking forward to testing. I like Elemis products and I adore a good facial exfoliator, I think they do wonders for getting rid of dead skin and giving a glowing complexion. This particular exfoliator aims to nurture the skin and prevent premature ageing (I'm willing to try anything!) It contains cherry powder and jojoba beads and smelly yummy. 

The added extra that I received was a Glossy Box eye mask, not something I'd really use but cute all the same!

One of the things I think lets the box down is the leaflet that accompanies. The packaging and most of the products appear quite high end so why not do the same with the accompanying information? 

Overall I was pleased with the items. Next time I'd love to receive some make up items but I'll eagerly await the next box to see what that holds.

Anyone get anything different in theirs?

Helen X


  1. Im so jealous you got the jason lip balm I wish i had received that :) x

  2. I really like the lip balm, the texture isn't the best but it smells just like After Eights, yummy!

    Helen X


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