Tuesday 8 January 2013

Amaze Lamaze

My son has a lot of toys, they seem to multiply, my living room now seems to resemble Babies R Us. My modern, relatively neutral living room is now awash with varying tropical colours that babies seem to adore.  Alfie particularly seems to favour the Lamaze toys, especially 'Captain Calamari' I'm not sure whether it's the crinkly sounds, the bright colours,the rattle attached or the fact he can have a good chew on the tentacles but it's never far from his reach and to be honest it's a bit of a god send when teething!

What I personally like about the Lamaze products is that they always seem to have a lot of detail on them but at the same time they have been created to allow various developmental stages to be explored. More about the Lamaze infant developmental system can be found here. The website states that the object of the Lamaze toys is for the infant to be able to explore and learn about their world. 

Alfie has a few Lamaze toys, he also likes the 'All ears Elephant' (brilliant for popping in  his changing bag), 'Freddie the Firefly' (another one of Alfie's favourite) and a couple of the crinkly books which are also a great distraction toy. 

I bought Captain Calamari from Amazon for around £8.00 and Freddie the Firefly from John Lewis for £8.79 . They are also widely available from many other retailers.

Anything that saves my phone or the TV remote from being chewed and dribbled on is a winner in my eyes!

Helen X


  1. Great blog! Your son is so cute :) xx

    Beauty by Emma

  2. I love Lamaze toys, great post x


  3. Hello! Thank you so much, my son just loves all of the Lamaze toys, they're great!

    Helen X


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