Tuesday 27 August 2019

Nanable's Your World, Your Way *Review & Giveaway*

{Gifted} Sometimes we are sent some toys that are just so cool and these little Nanables really are. I knew as soon as I saw the cute and colourful little houses I knew they were going to be a hit in our house. We were sent a selection of the little Nanable houses and I have to say, despite their teeny tiny size these are great and certainly encourage the imagnation!

So what are Nanable's?

Nanable's are teeny, tiny dwellings that are inhabited by little nanos, each building or shop is intricately detailed and you can even peek inside for a little glimpse of goings ons inside.....but more of that later.There are currently two towns 'Sweetness Town' and 'Rainbow Way' each have their own little set of shops and buildings. In 'Sweetness Town' there is cupcake place, dusted donut diner, gumdrop gazebo, kettle corner bistro, lolli-pop stars dance studio and milk and cookie mill. In 'Rainbow Way' there is make it rain-bow arcade, over-the-moon macarons, rainbow-tique, sparkle day spa, the gilded wing and twinkle, twinkle inn. Included with each nanable are two nano's and believe me when I see they are SO cute! There are currently 20 nano's to collect and a total of 12 buildings but I'm sure in the future there will be more added to the collection. 

We were sent a selection of nanable's and both myself and Elarna took huge delight in looking at them and playing with them. I have to say the level of detail on them is so cool! They are so lovely to look at and each way you turn it there is something else to see. The peep hole is something extra special which really adds an extra dimension to the already cute nanable's, simply look through the window and see what's going on inside, again the level of detail and imagination is brilliant. To further enhance these you can even down an app where you can customise the world and enjoy activities and games.....brilliant!

They sort of take me back to my childhood somewhat and remind me a little of Polly Pockets, ahhhh I used to spend hours playing with them. The little nano's that come with them are super tiny and can be placed around the houses in a variety of ways, for example you can open the door and put them in the door or sit them in a seat or place them around the garden, my personal favourite is the day spa.....so cute!

What did we love? 

- Let me put it like this, there is very little to dislike about these colourful little imaginative toys. From the unbelievable detail to the peep through windows there is so much going on in a tiny space, adorable. 

- With an RRP £4.99 they don't break the bank and they offer endless imaginative play and encourages children to make up stories and pretend play

- Because of their size they are great to pop in an ice cream tub and take them out and about to occupy the kids! Elarna recently took hers to a restaurant and it kept her occupied for ages!

Anything we weren't so keen on? 

- I have to mention the size of the nano's that come with them, they really are teeny tiny so there is a safety aspect to them. My daughter isn't really a child that chews things or puts things in her mouth but if she was I wouldn't be letting her play unattended with them. Under supervision there shouldn't be an issue. Head further down the post to see a photo for size reference.

- There are not that many to collect at the moment but hopefully in the future there will be more available.

We can't wait to discover more of what Nanables has to offer and see what else is added to the range in the future. If you love the look of them and think you'd like to see what it's all about then I have an exciting chance for you to WIN a couple of Nanable's, all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below and I will be in touch if you are the lucky winner! Easy peasy!


- UK entries only please
- The prize will be sent directly from the supplier, I cannot be held personally accountable 
- There is no monetary alternative
- I can't guarantee which ones you will receive
- Entry is via the Rafflecopter alone
- Invalid entries will be disqualified

Good luck! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to enter.

* Please note we were kindly gifted the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own. 

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