Sunday 10 February 2019

Getting Outdoors with Simply Hike

Living just a stones throw away from some beautiful country side I consider myself very lucky. Pretty much 5 minutes from our door we are fortunate enough to be near some of the prettiest scenery and country walks with some rather lovely pubs on the way too! We like nothing better than getting out and about on a family walk whether it be sunny or drizzly.....not so much pouring with rain mind! That's no fun!

When we just go on short walks we just have the basics with us and wear some comfy hiking boots and a waterproof coat, I tend to carry some wet wipes...... believe me I've learnt from experience that with children one of them is likely to stack it and get covered in mud! I also carry a few snacks, gloves if cold, sunnies if bright and some mints. I very rarely take my handbag so rely on hubby for money if we need to do an unplanned pub stop!

If we were going further afield and on more of a longer walk something that we would consider would be a rucksack so that we could fit more snacks in and also carry some spare clothes as there have definitely been times when we have needed to have a spare set for the kids, we could also take some drinks with us as walking can be thirsty business and often the kids are asking for a drink and I haven't been able to give them one as I'm only wearing a coat. Simply Hike have a whole range of items to set you up for hiking, walking, camping and just general outdoorsy activities, it's a one stop shop for all your at one with nature items so head over and check it out!

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