Wednesday 27 February 2019

Zuru Surprise Toys Season 2 *Review*

* AD (gifted). Surprise toys are one of THE biggest hits with kids these days, my two love them, there is something about being able to unwrap little gifts that they seem to find very enjoyable. I like the concept, it's a great idea as it's like the gift that keeps on giving and you never really know what you're going to receive. We have recently been sent some of the newly launched Zuru 5 Surprise Toys (season 2) for the kids to test out!

The Zuru 5 surprise toys are round surprise treats with orange like segments hiding 5 little toys or items, tightly wrapped there is no give away as to what is inside the segments, these are also covered with a wrapper sealing each segment. Currently available in pink and blue with boy/girl themes which some parents may not be overly keen on if you prefer to have gender neutral toys. I'm not overly fussed and looking at the contents my 2 would have chosen those options anyway.

They couldn't wait to get into them, however as mentioned the outside sleeve is quite tough for little ones to remove so I did need to assist. Once off it looks like a that very famous variety of chocolate orange! Simply pop the segments apart and the child can then open them revealing what is inside. I didn't really have a clue what was going to be inside but was pleasantly surprised, more so with the pink 5 surprise items which you can see further in the post.

There are hundreds of toys available to collect meaning there is less chance of finding the same toys, unbelievably in Elarna's she did find 2 of the same toy, a ring but she wasn't overly fussed by this.

So my two decided to take each segment out but I have later discovered that if you pull the little connecting bit out from the tops of the ball 1st the segments fall as if it were an orange, not a massive problem but might make it a bit easier to separate the segments.

Once opened we found a great selection of little toys. There was a couple of felt tips, little princesses that you put the skirt on, some cute kittens, a keyring, some stickers, an aeroplane, 2 x rings, a push along car, a chomping shark and some little cupcake dolls. Within in the 5 surprise there is also a leaflet containing images of all available toys that can be found, so if you're child is a collector it's easy to see what they have or haven't got. As mentioned above, there is no way to know what is within the ball and the chances of finding the same toy is quite slim - although Elarna did get 2 purple felt tips and 2 of the same ring but I do generally think the chances of this is quite low really.

Overall, I think the quality of the items within the 'girl' 5 surprise were of a much better quality and selection than the 'boy' one but I guess this is quite subjective and Alfie loved the little car and aeroplane and shark. Elarna thought the whole thing was fabulous and was more than happy with her selection and loves making up little stories with the cupcake dolls and princesses.

Retailing at around £5.00 and available from leading retailers these would make a great gift or surprise for a child, they could even be given away as a party favour instead of party bags! We love the element of surprise and mostly I felt the little gifts inside were age appropriate and items that could be either reused or played with over and over. There were a couple of disappointment, I think the felt tips and stickers were not as interesting for my kids that the actual little toys but otherwise this would be my only negative point.

What did we love about the Zuru 5 surprise?

- Cute and quirky, we liked the orange like segments!

- The gift that keeps on giving!

- So many surprises to be found 

- Lots of fun to open and entertaining

- Value for money

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- Mostly, for me as both as an adult and parent is the waste from the packaging, there really is no use for the sections after the toys were removed, I tried to think of something but in the end they were chucked away, I was unclear if they could be recycled which bothered me somewhat as I felt it really was quite wasteful and I do try my best to recycle where I can

- Some of the items included aren't great but the kids seemed happy and that's all that matters

- That currently there seems to be only blue or pink available, some different coloured options would be good

Overall they are something that I would likely purchase again, these kind of toys do seem to appeal to my children and would make a good reward. Available from leading retailers I'm sure we will continue to see items like this feature heavily in the next few years! 

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge along with a few other bits and pieces in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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