Monday 31 December 2018

Walking with Blacks *Review*

My husband and I love getting the kids out and about for a nice, long walk. Where we live we are so lucky to have access to some wonderful country side and scenery which can make for some fabulous walks, it can at times be quite muddy and mucky and my Mum would be the first to tell you that I never wear 'sensible' shoes for these types of adventures! It's only been the last couple of years that I have been wearing wellies....I kid you not! We've recently been testing out a few 'outdoorsy' bits and the brands featured in this post have asked for our opinions on them. I suppose the problem both my husband and I had was not having any decent walking boots, it was really something we were lacking. We kindly sent a couple of pairs and I can honestly say they've been saviours!

Sturdy, solid, comfortable and quite wearable are a few of the words that sums up our walking boots. We were sent a pair from the mens walking boots range and a pair from the women's Berghaus walking boots range.

What did we like?

- The boots are so well designed, there is lots of detail that have gone in to the making of them, from the waterproof lining to the grip supports these boots are great for everyday walking

- Easy to do up, no faffing around and they stay put whilst walking

- Both myself and my husband felt they were very comfortable once we'd worn them in

- They look great, of course walking boots are a bit more cumbersome than your usual boot but these do look really good when worn

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- They do take a bit of wearing in, as with all boots when 1st worn can be a bit achey but the more we'd worn them the better they became

- They are not cheap but quality doesn't come at a bargain price and both our boots were super quality and extremely well made, consider them an investment

I couldn't not add this picture of my hubby messing around...he'll probably kill me when he see's it!

We were also sent some fleeces to try out, we were sent one from the women's fleece range which is a women's North Face fleece and one from the mens fleece range which is a mens Berghaus fleece and considering the weather over Winter hasn't been your typical wintery weather these have been perfect for the chilly but not overly cold days. These breathable fleeces not only look good but considering just how thin they feel keep you surprisingly warm.

What did we like? 

-  Available in a selection of colours and reasonably priced

- Quick drying so if you get caught in a shower you can be reassured that you'll be protected from light showers

- Both were soft to touch and comfortable

- They wash well which is very important

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- We both weren't so keen on the light blue, we would have preferred a darker colour because that's what we prefer but also doesn't show the dirt quite so much after a muddy walk!

- For myself, I prefer a little bit of a longer fleece, I found it was a bit short, I prefer a jacket to sit over the hips where possible, so for taller ladies it would be very short

Overall the products are perfect for country walks, they have made a real difference to our comfort, especially when on longer, more rough terrain for sure. If you're looking for high quality and comfortable walking attire then head over to Blacks to check out the full range.

The brands included in this post asked for my opinion on the products featured from their range. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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