Wednesday 5 December 2018

Christmas Gitfs for the Coffee Lover.

Coffee is one of my favourite things, I need a couple of strong cups in the morning to wake me up and set me up ready for the day. Last year my husband bought us an all singing, all dancing bean to cup coffee machine and i have to admit we really do love it. It is very well used that's for sure! With Christmas just around the corner you might be considering a coffee related gift for the coffee lovers in your life..... or perhaps just fancy a cheeky little gift to yourself maybe! Whatever it might be I might be able to help you out with some ideas so please read on for some christmas coffee gifts inspo to inject a bit of caffeine into the festive season! Enjoy!

Coffee Subscription

How about a coffee subscription? These kind of gifts are huge at the moment and I love the idea of having coffee delivered, takes the stress out of making sure there is plenty in the house! The featured subscription is a fantastic coffee subscription from Rave Coffee. It works on a fairly simple basis; you sign up to a subscription that lasts either 3, 6 or 12 months, and every month you get a selection of some amazing, limited release coffee from a range of countries and areas including Guatemala, Kenya, and more. We have recently been testing out some of the coffee beans and the Kenyan coffee we were sent with tasting notes of blackcurrant and chocolate is delicious, so smooth and delicious. Fabulous! You can also personalise it, from the day it arrives on to personal messages and gift wrap options which can be included with the coffee itself, so you can be sure that you’re getting amazing custom coffee lover gifts here for months at a time, making this the gift that keeps on giving.

Cold Brew Gift Set

Something bit more unusual coffee present is a Cold Brew gift set. Have you had a cold brew coffee before? If you’ve not had it, it’s a fantastic way of brewing your coffee that’ll provide an entirely different taste sensation from your normal hot coffee. If you have had it before, you’ll probably fondly remember the taste of it and will be wanting to grab another cup. That’s where a Cold Brew Gift Set from Hario comes in. Containing all you need to start cold brewing coffee, this would make a fab little gift set for the person who likes their coffee a little more on the unusual side.

Aeropress Gift Set

This is another unique brewing style, you really can’t go wrong with getting an Aeropress gift set from Aerobie. Despite it being rather simple to use aswell as a very quick way of brewing coffee, an AeroPress is actually the artisan coffee roasters choice for making coffee. It’s become so popular and skilful that they’ve even introduced AeroPress championships, where everyone competes to brew the perfect cup of coffee, brilliant! Why not join them in getting an AeroPress as a present and to see how much more your coffee brewing skills can be improved?

Filter Coffee Gift Set with Grinder

If you prefer a slightly more traditional way of making coffee, a Filter Coffee Gift Set with Grinder from Hario is sure to please everyone who doesn’t want fancy coffee and instead just prefers a simple cup. Featuring everything you need to make some lovely coffee, such as a white ceramic dripper, coffee filter papers, a grinder and a brew guide as well as the all-important coffee beans, this is sure to be a great present for the coffee lover in your life, who prefers simplicity.

Glass Coffee Brewing Set

Finally, if you’re the type of person who loves to be in control of everything, a Glass Coffee brewing set from Hario is ideal to satisfy your needs of both coffee and managing the entire brewing process. With everything you need, from a glass dripper and heatproof glassware to a coffee server and paper filters, this really is ideal for the coffee lover at Christmas time who loves to brew their own coffee carefully and get it to the ideal colour and consistency at all times,a truly personal experience.
Who else loves coffee? Can you think of anything I might have missed?

Happy coffee drinking!

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  1. Great post, Helen! I know a lot of coffee lovers in my family and I've definitely be thinking about getting them a coffee-related present for Christmas. I like the idea of a a coffee subscription and the cold brew gift set sounds cool too. One of my favourite stocking fillers is a simple jar or packet of fun, flavoured coffee!


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