Friday 20 April 2018

Team Building Goals.

How can Team Building affect your Business Goals?
Working in the corporate sector has always overwhelmed me. Sky touching buildings, the corporate culture, meeting deadlines, incentives, promotions, all these factors have always excited me. Now, I am a successful Finance Manager and currently serving a tech giant in the UK. Reaching this position was hard and challenging, as, during my starting career as an Intern, I was given small targets to achieve within the deadline provided. Learning from my mentors have always helped me, which helped me to confirm my job.
Working within the Finance team, where I was working to meet specific targets. Every weekend we need to attend the special lectures on Team Building and there were certain exercises, which we had to perform in groups. These activities helped us to understand each other along with the benefits of working together. Basically, these workouts taught us the lesson of socialising informally, disregard of the targets, management, and the corporate structure.
With Team Building, We learnt to focus on more serious issues like problem-solving techniques, improving communication, employee relations, crisis management, handling pressure and most importantly trust. Trust, which is a key aspect when we are working in a team. Without this factor, any team will collapse and affect the corporate results. As per my experience, it acts as a tool to achieve better communication among the team members.    
Now, I am managing the Finance team and following the similar steps with my team to make them able to perform well and achieve the desired goals. Today, I will tell you some serious facts which one can learn only with experience. If you search for team building methods and activities, you will find hundreds of such points, but none will teach you the facts which one should not follow while managing a team.

What not to do with Team Building?
Even your best effort to organize a team can worsen the situation. These are the plans made by those professionals, who don’t know well about their team and their working atmosphere. I am explaining some facts with examples.
Internal conflicts among the team members:
You have planned a team building activity to boost the team spirit, but is it the right exercise? If there are team members with personal conflicts and you offer them to play any game like paintball. Well, the situation will tend to increase enmity rather than building their confidence.
Then what to do:
A plan, a non-competitive activity for the team and should be such which resolves the conflicts among the team members. If such situation occurs, handle it straight away rather than playing politics.
Lack of communication:
Communication plays a vital role in the long survival of the team. If the team members rarely speak to each other, then do you think they will achieve what is desired? No, they certainly can’t.
Then What to Do:
The manager should think about such exercises which may increase team communication and make them understand each other better.  
Lack of trust:
Trust is an important segment to maintain high morale among the team members. If there is a lack of trust, then for sure they will lack in their targets. Then how to build trust in them?
Then what to do:
Design some activities which can increase trust among the team members. There are lots of such games which are played on trust factors. You can try them and see the magical results.
Replace what has done already:
Still, in some firms, activities, like singing a song, tell about yourself, etc. are followed. These are childish activities and your employees don’t want such stuff as a team building activity.
Then what to do:
Be more creative, specific and realistic while choosing the Team Building activities.
*Guest post.

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