Tuesday 17 April 2018

Lighting your House.

Accessorising a house with lighting is one of my favourite things to do, there is something about having a few lamps on in the evening casting a gentle glow throughout the house I find so welcoming and they can actually create quite alot of ambiance within the home.  There are a huge amount of choices in lighting these days, from table lamps, ceiling lamps, standing lamps to decorative lights the list goes on, for some inspiration head over to lights.co.uk so many ideas! So while I'm thinking about lighting I thought I would compile a post with some of my favourite lighting ideas. 

First up, I adore this gorgeous ceiling light not only does it look really pretty and glamorous but will cast a lovely, romantic warm glow in the room that you decide to put it in. Personally I think it would look beautiful in a bedroom and really add a finishing touch. 

Appealing LED ceiling light Theodora-9950329-31

Fun, bright and colourful feature lights can also create a focal piece and look pretty cool, how about this LED neon astronaut sign which would be a really fun piece to add to a children's room or even in a living room! Great fun. Head over to the website and check them out.

If you're thinking about injecting a modern touch into your house how wonderful are these trio of lights. These would look great hanging over an island in a kitchen or just to create a focal point in a room that you want to have a feature. 

Roddik 3-bulb pendant light-9004759-31

If it's drama you're wanting then this amazing floor lamp is incredible. It's big, it's bold and it is a showstopper......I would love to have this in out living room! It really would add a special touch to a room, it was also look pretty cool in a hallway as a welcome light I think.

Extravagant floor lamp Mineva in black and gold-4018081-32

As I mentioned above I love a table lamp, this one caught my eye as it's really smart looking but also a nice statement piece. It's also quite neutral so would fit in nicely with any decor. 

Simple table lamp Kullen-6505481-31

Finally this beautiful arc light caught my attention. This would be perfect for as a space saving light, it would also be a great reading light don't you think!

White Shing fabric floor lamp-9620142-31

Lighting really can make such a difference to your home it can both be a finishing touch and a feature and can make a huge difference to a room. What would your choice of lighting be?

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