Tuesday 10 April 2018

Faux Landscaping Ideas.

Innovative Faux Landscaping Ideas for Your Offices

In view of tough competition in the business arena, you must have an office that distinctly cuts above others. The present business scenario is so tough that everyone has to work for long hours in the office. As we spend more than half of our life span in the office, this has to be refreshing and relaxing. Having a well-decorated office helps to elevate the mood of the employees and also motivate them to work hard.

Most of the offices are concrete cages and suffer from monotony. Natural greens have been the foremost landscaping consideration to break this monotony and transform the office into a pleasant and welcoming area. However, this is not always feasible due to the associated maintenance hassles. Thus, landscaping with artificial vines and other artificial landscaping elements are enjoying great popularity for office landscaping. A large number of customers, clients, and guests visit corporate offices every day, and for this reason, the offices must be embellished with a good landscape for impressing them. Let’s dwell on some of the outstanding features of faux landscaping.

Many options to add grace and color to your office

There are many variants of artificial trees and plants that can impart an amazing look to your office space. You can get various theme oriented products like tropical trees, deciduous trees, evergreen trees and decorative trees. Many varieties like Palm, Ficus, Bamboo, Pine, Bonsai, etc are also available.  The replicated botanical products are also available in many styles as Bushes, Topiaries, Flowers & Flowering Plants, Vines & Grasses and Cactus & Succulents. These can fit almost all landscape themes and should you require anything special; the customized items can meet your applications.

Fake plants stimulate mental health

Humans have a strong affinity for nature. Various studies conducted on human behavior shows that people feel refreshed and rejuvenated when they are surrounded by natural elements. Since the fake aspen trees and other fake botanical products look like their natural counterparts, their lush green appearance brings a positive attitude to the employees and the customers as well. Once these are installed in your office, the place will be glowing with beaming smiles of everybody. This is best seen in healthcare facilities. When hospital cabins are decorated with fake flowers, it makes the patients happy.

Places to use artificial trees and plants

The fake acacia tree and fake forest trees are so beautiful that they can be installed at any of the following commercial spaces.

  • Corporate offices
  • Government & municipal offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Luxury hotels & restaurants
  • Exotic bars & casinos
  • Theme parks & amusement parks
  • Multiplexes & exhibition halls

Add instant sophistication

While the live plants need time to bloom, being artificially made, these require no such time. No matter if you use the fake plants for your office interiors or exteriors, these replicated landscaping elements makes the office chick and classy instantaneously.

Fading is out of question

The fake trees and plants are made from prime quality plastic materials and color pigments for delivering a beautiful lush green look. Moreover, these are also made fade resistant by following innovative PermaLeaf technologies that involve impregnation of special UV resistant chemicals into the foliage. Thus, you can easily install them anywhere you like, and they will never show any discoloration or fading.

These are safe and legal
ThermaLeaf technologies are followed in manufacturing the artificial trees and plants. While plastic foliage is prone to flaming, these are made fire retardant by impregnating special fire retardant chemicals through injection molding during manufacturing of the landscaping products. Unlike the sprayed chemicals, these never get washed making the products inert to fire. Moreover, these pass all fire tests and conform to state fire laws making those safe and legal for office landscaping.

Artificial landscaping has a box load of advantages

Adorning the office space with replicated landscaping elements, you can enjoy the following advantages.

  • Great aesthetics: Big artificial tree and other fake landscaping products have a natural green charm that elevates office ambiance.
  • Botanically correct: All artificial trees and plants including the artificial pampas grass are made botanically correct in all respects. These are so akin to the live plants that none can spot the difference without touching.
  • Need no maintenance: While the natural pants demand regular care and attention to keep the glowing, these mimic landscaping products require no maintenance except periodic cleaning.
  • These are extremely durable: Being made of high-quality plastic material the big fake trees are very strong and sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions.
  • Can be installed easily: The faux boxwood and other fake trees and plants are available in standard bases and, therefore can be installed easily.
  • Can be installed anywhere: Being independent of soil and sunlight the replicated landscaping elements can be installed even in the dimly lit corner of the office.
  • Allows interchanging between places: As these are available in standard pots, they can be interchanged between places for bringing in changes to the landscape.
  • Onetime investment: The fake plants are reasonably priced, and they can also be stored when not in use making these a cost-effective and onetime investment.
  • You will not have any seasonal worry
    As these landscaping items are artificially made, these are not seasoned specific. Once you install those in your office, they will continue to add class and splendor to space equally throughout the year.
    Added benefits
    • Other than the standard types and sizes, the fake botanical items can be customized for meeting specific requirements.
    • Many people are allergic to pollen and sensitive to the smell of the flowers. Using fake flowers and flowering plants, there is no scope of allergy.
    • These do attract pests. Therefore, your office will never be invaded by the insects and your guests will be free from insect attacks.

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