Sunday 29 April 2018

Baffled/What's in the Box? Games *Review*

Recently we have been reviewing a couple of Cheatwell games and with the countdown to the Summer holidays and our French getaway a few months away I am on the lookout for family games to take away. We drive  down to the South of France so we are fortunate to be able to pack a couple of games for us all to enjoy as a family. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a game that we all enjoy but I think we may have found one that has been a success. We have been trying out both What's in the box? As well as Baffled. Both very entertaining! 

So one night over a bottle of wine my husband and I decided to test out what's in the box? It's a simple game to play. You find an object, keep it secret from the other player/s and hide it in the box, the guesser then has a certain amount of guesses to try and decide what's in the box. Simple and lots of fun......especially if a glass of vino has been involved! We did also play this with Alfie and he thought it was brilliant.....his choice of items in the box were errrmm interesting haha (think cat fluff, a feather, a very specific piece of Lego!).

So what is included in the game? 
  • Take a guess cards
  • Picture cards
  • Scoring track and marble
  • Sturdy wooden box
  • Rules
I really love the simplicity of this game and you can really use any small sized object in the box so it will be ideal to take away with us. We found it was easier with the children to not use the scoring rack and cards and just play the guessing game, it was just as much fun for them finding items and hiding them in the box and laughing in hilarity at our guesses. Retailing for around £12.99 from well known retailers this is a brilliant game at a great price. 

Next up is Baffled. This is an intriguing game, when reading the back of the box I really couldn't understand how the tiles 'swap' themselves, I couldn't wait to give it a go. I like to think my memory is pretty good but I do have to admit when playing this I was, at times......baffled!

What's included in Baffled?

  • The playing board
  • Dice and life cards
  • Covering pieces 
  • Playing counters
  • Symbol tiles
So, as I mentioned the aim of the game is to remember where the symbols are. Once the symbol tiles have been covered up you have 60 seconds to try and memorise them. Players then move around the board to try and locate the symbols. For example, say you land on the apple symbol you uncover the tile you think it is, if you are incorrect you lose a life and once they are gone you're out of the game. It's a fairly simple concept, however throughout the board you are instructed to switch symbol tiles making it harder to remember where they are!

I really like this game, it was alot of fun to play and it's a game that changes and differs each time you play it. My almost 6 year old seemed to enjoy it, my 3 year old didn't have a clue but considering it's aimed at age 8+ there is no surprise! I will definitely be getting this out to play when we have friends over, it's a game that doesn't last for an age and is great for a variety of ages. Retailing at around £20.00 from popular retailers I would say this is worth having a look at if you're wanting to invest in a new board game. 

* Please note we were kindly sent the games free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. You can’t beat playing games on holiday. What’s in the box is so simple but I can imagine having hours of fun playing it #bloggersbest

  2. What's in the box sounds a great idea :) We're not big on strategy games, but noisy fun games like that are right up our street. Added wine makes a winning combo!

  3. I like the idea of what's in the box!! That does look like a lot of fun, esp after a drinkie! xx #bloggersbest

  4. "What's in the box" sounds fun... but why should I buy the game and instead not using simply a box and the idea? Could you explain better what value do the cards add? #bloggersbest

  5. What's In the Box sounds fun. I'm sure it can be quite silly and humorous too, which I love. :) #bloggersbest


  6. I have not seen either of these before, and they both look fantastic. Especially love the simplicity of the whats in the box game. We would absolutely love these #bloggersbest


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