Friday 25 August 2017

Fun Activity Days for Kids of all Ages!

Fun activity day ideas for kids of all ages

It seems that no matter what toys and games we give them, what gadgets and gizmos they come up with and whatever plans we make to keep their little minds active, all mums and dads come to dread those two little words, “I’m bored!”
I’ve made it my mission to make sure we can all keep boredom at bay for our little troopers, and part of that is finding a good mix of days out that offer flexibility, ease of access and, of course, that all important budget-friendly factor. I’ve put a few suggestions for you below, but if you’ve got any of your own ideas, you know how to get in touch!
Colchester Castle
I’ve always had a soft spot for Colchester Castle, maybe because of its strong links to the Romans and the Normans. They keep things active here with talks, guided tours and plenty of exhibits, all of which offer an insight into the castle’s role in British history on a wider scale. What’s more, it’s not that pricey to get into and it has the obligatory gift shop where the kids can pick up some knick-knacks for the journey home.

Legoland Windsor
It feels like no list of attractions is complete without a mention of Legoland. Even after all these years, its intricate models, superb set pieces and great range of rides still impress. Kids are always up for having a crack at the driving school, while the lesser known rides like the boat course and castle exploration experience provide plenty of other ways to see the sights.
Harry Potter Studio Tour
Kids’ movies tend to get the adults excited as much as the little ones, so there’s definitely something that everyone will enjoy on the Harry Potter Studio Tour. They’re always bringing in new props and extras from the films to marvel at, including the costumes as seen in the Wizarding Wardrobes exhibition. Another new favourite is the Forbidden Forest, which even has a full size model of Buckbeak in attendance.
Go Ape
There’s obstacle courses and forest adventures scattered all over the UK, so there’s always some kind of opportunity to get out and explore nature in your local area. I like Go Ape because their activities mix the more genteel, like cruising on a segway scooter over the forest floor, with the more daring, like ziplines or climbing ropes. While not all of us can keep up with the little ones as they make their way through the complex mazes, it’s always fun watching them burn off some energy – and it cuts down their screen-time significantly to boot.
Altogether, I think there’s a superb variety of activity days you can take kids on these days, and it’s growing all the time. If you’ve got any insights on any lesser known ones I’ve maybe missed, definitely get in contact!

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