Thursday 31 August 2017

Brainstorm Toys Inflatable Mega Globe *Review*

I think it's always a bonus when something educational appeals to children by making it more fun and playful. I remember learning geography when I was younger and it can be a a bit of a dry subject ..... although I do wish I'd paid slightly more attention, my geography really isn't that great (but I won't dwell on that!). I'm pleased to say that Alfie especially is wanting to more about the world we live in and other countries so any way to encourage his learning is a bonus. 

We were recently sent this fab inflatable globe to use from Brainstorm Toys and review, I was hoping it was going to arrive before we went on holiday but sadly arrived while we were away otherwise it would have been a great toy to use in the swimming pool. It comes neatly packed in a small box so fab to pop in your suitcase and use while away. I needn't have worried though as it has been played with tons while we've been at home come rain or shine. 

It's been fun showing Alfie various places we've visited over the years and also pointing out places he has been to and would like to visit in the future. He's also been asking where a variety of animals reside (well mainly reptiles) so it's been great to be able to show him on the globe where the anacondas and pythons live! What I like about this globe is that it's easy to read and is super bright and colourful. Included in the box are ideas for a handful of games that can be played to increase the educational aspect of the globe but at the same time keeping it fun.

It takes a few puffs to blow it up, I can't lie it took me a while and then when I had blown it up the nozzle didn't want to stay closed so I ended up having to tape it down which is a little annoying but for a RRP of £9.99 I can't really quibble. It's a great globe and I would say we've already got our moneys worth, we've all enjoyed using it!

We will continue to enjoy using the globe, it really is a great introduction to showing younger children the world and countries in it. It's light when blown up and easy to catch and throw about. If you're looking for a nice little holiday toy to play with in the pool then this would be a great choice. Available from leading retailers and with a reasonable price you can't really go wrong.

* Please note we were kindly sent the inflatable globe free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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