Tuesday 9 May 2017

Tips for Choosing Flooring.

With Spring apparently here (you wouldn't think so with the recent temperatures) it is a good time to start thinking about doing some home improvements and DIY. Making simple changes to your home can make a massive difference to how your house feels and making it feel homely. One thing that we have found can make a big difference in our house is flooring, not only can it make a big impact to how the rooms look but it's so important to make sure you choose something long lasting and hard wearing.

Here are some tips when choosing flooring and ensuring it the best choice for your house.

  • Consider choosing something like these from Amtico flooring tiles, not only do they give you an authentic wood or stone finish but they are incredibly durable and are much warmer to walk on than conventional stone tiles.

  • Choose a reputable company! Do your research, get recommendations and ask around. Nothing worse than being stung by a rogue trader!

  • Think about the look you want to achieve. Do you want a light and airy feel or something a bit warmer. What colour scheme are you going for? Is it going to be one of the first areas that you see?

  • Get some samples prior to making your decision, it's always nice to see what colours and textures look like before making the final decision.

  • Don't rush into the decision. Take some time to think about whether you are choosing the right flooring for you.
So these are just a few tips to ensure you make the right decision when choosing flooring. Do you have anymore to add?

* Collaborative Post.

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