Thursday 25 May 2017

Living the Dream *Lottoland Review*

Ohhh to be rich. I often wonder what I would do if I won the lottery, it's been many a conversation with my husband and what we'd do with a ton of money, would we stop working, spend or save, splurge or be sensible. I guess it all depends on how much we won......but if it happened to be a fair amount I know exactly what I would do.  I'd splurge.....I know I would, it's in my veins to spend! Sorry dear husband. So now I've said that I bet you're dying to hear what I would do with a lottery win.......

1. I would pay off our mortgage, the parents and if we had won a huge amount I would extend that to our closest friends. That's a sensible one isn't it!

2. I would stop working. I would perhaps still keep my toe dipped in with the occasional shift here and there but I would stop being a salaried member of staff.

3. This one is a bit predictable, but I would book a huge family holiday - somewhere hot and exotic. I'd want to create memories for us all to look back on. 

4. I'd be a little bit sensible and invest some money. I'm sure where exactly I would invest it but somewhere  that would be beneficial to the children's future. 

5. I would tick a few things off my bucket list, like going to Disney in Florida, seeing the Northern Lights, going to Lapland and going back to Bali to renew our wedding vows. 

6. I would give some money to charity. I would spread the love around  to several charities that are close to  my heart. 

7. I would buy a couple of cars. I always fancied an Audi Q5, would love to be able to buy one of them!

8. I would throw a big party. Well why on earth not!! Lets get all the family and friends together and have a brilliant time. 

9. I would buy a pair of Louboutins and a Mulberry bag, just because I could!

10. Art. I love art so I would choose a bit of art that reflects myself and the family. A classic. Something I could look at everyday and be reminded how grateful I am. 

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I know that alot of these are fairly materialistic but in the grand scheme of things it is only a wish list. It's fun to think of things that I would spend money on if it were no object. Recently, I have been working in conjunction with Lottoland reviewing their site and having a little go on some of their games. Most people will be aware of the Euromillions and how to play it, but what about something slightly a little different. Lottoland offer you the chance of making a bet of the official lottery draw. You pick the numbers you think that will be drawn and if you guess correctly you can win prizes.  For more information on how it works go have a read here. If the Euromillions doesn't take your fancy what about entering to bet on the numbers drawn on the Powerball or even some of the instant games which are fun to have a go on.

So if you were lucky enough to win a substantial amount of money what would you do with it?

* In partnership with Lottoland. 

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