Monday 15 May 2017

Hassle Free Boilers.

Do you know how old your boiler is? Do you think it is still efficient? It's not one of those things you routinely think about, or at least I don't. In fact it's probably one of those things in the house that I perhaps take for granted. I'm fairly sure that our boiler we have in our house is about 10 years old. As far as I'm aware it hasn't been replaced since the house was built so I can only assume that it is around the age of 10. If like me and you're not too sure about how old your boiler is why not see how much you could save by purchasing a new one, this handy little savings calculator can tell you how much you could potentially save with a new boiler. According to this we could save almost 40% off our usual bill by replacing our boiler. That is quite a saving really isn't it. 

These days I think everyone is trying to save money, living costs are rising but yet wages aren't. You can start by making small changes to save a few pennies, simple things like making your own lunch for work, ditching the expensive coffees or simply saving up your coppers can make a huge difference. You may then consider making bigger savings like switching your boiler to make long term savings, over at hassle free boilers they are offering some great deals to try and save money on home heating and some of these offers start from £19.99 with no requirement for a deposit and affordable repayment plans. 

Some people may find that looking for a new boiler in Summer is a little odd but there is never really  better time to look and be prepared for those harsh, Winter months. A boiler is an investment and something that should be purchased and installed ready for the colder seasons. 

One of the things that has always baffled me is what I often hear talked about.......a-rated appliances?? What is an a-rated appliance, or an a-rated boiler?? Well it refers to seasonal efficiency of effective boilers in the UK. Basically, a - rated boilers have the stamp of approval from the energy saving trust and being most energy efficient. 

So , if you're trying to save money I would definitely advise to check out your boiler and consider making a long term investment that will effectively save  money for years to come.

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