Sunday 1 January 2017

Shopping with The White Company!

Ohhh I do love a good sale bargain. I have a dirty secret, I'm one of those annoying people who love the sales straight after Christmas. I tend not to venture out on Boxing Day but I do have a sneaky browse online and maybe a purchase or two. My husband doesn't get it but then why would he? He's a man after all and men don't seem to have the shopping urges that us women do. I must satisfy these urges, Christmas or no Christmas!

Anyway, I want to talk about one one my favourite retailers that I have to shop with online as they have no shops near me (hint, hint). The White Company is my go to retailer for all things candle related and scented goods.......although have you seen their bedding.....? *swoon*

I have long been a fan of all things white for the house. It's difficult for me to have too much white soft furnishings with 2 kids and 2 cats but I can't tell you  how much I adore a crisp, white bed linen set. There is something utterly luxurious about a fresh, white duvet and splashes of colour within a room. As mentioned above one of my favourite items available online are the simply delightful candles. They smell divine, last for ages and a effortlessly chic. I'm always keeping my eyes open for White Company discount codes from so that I can stock up on my favourite fragrances....... and for anyone wondering verveine is my first choice, I love that it's so zesty and fresh and you can smell it throughout the house when lit, gorgeous, I'm also partial to they Seychelles scent also. The room sprays are also so scented and I remember a couple of years ago I bought some ceramic draw scent things that you could spray with the fragrance spray and they were divine. 

No Colour

There is simply nothing better than lighting a candle or 2 when I get home from work and having a beautifully scented house......ahhhh I feel relaxed just thinking about it! 

Do you love the White Company as much as I do? What's your favourite scent? Do share......

* Collaborative Post. 

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