Friday 23 December 2016

Bidvine Review.

Have you ever heard of Bidvine?? Nope? Well I'm here to tell you a little about it. 

Bidvine is a brilliantly simple way of hiring local services that are trusted, and reputable with a simple click of the button. 

It really is as simple as it sounds. You enter details as to what you need or what you are looking for and wait for the companies and services to send you quotes. 

The website is extremely simple to use and laid out well for ease of navigation. You write down what you want (I searched for photographers who specialised more some in children/family shoots) and where abouts I am and my travel range and pressed submit.

There are hundreds of services that you can search for ranging from finding a plumber to etiquette lessons to furniture assembly. or salsa dance lessons, the possibilities are endless It truly is a brilliant concept.

Once I'd submitted my query I waited around 48 hours for a response to come through. I had a couple of responses from local photographers with quotes and contact details, everything that I needed was provided for me to make my decision. Had I been living in London or surrounding areas I can imagine that I would have got alot more responses but to be honest I was pleased not to be bombarded. You get up to a maximum of 5 bids so really it isn't too much to choose from and it's good to be able to compare the quotes. 

I really like the concept of Bidvine and I wouldn't hesitate using it again when searching for a service I require. I enjoyed using the website, a simple website that is easy to navigate is a huge bonus in my opinion as it makes it more accessible to a wide range of age brackets.

It's a great idea and I hope lots of people choose to use it and support our local services. Head on over now to check it out!

* Collaborative Post.

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  1. Interesting to know. I had never heard of them until now. I still like to use sources that have reviews and recommendations.


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