Wednesday 21 December 2016

Best and Worst Linky - PLEASE READ

Beautiful Things

Hello everyone! So you may have been expecting this weeks linky but Sarah and I made a little 'boo boo' last week and said that this week would be our last linky but actually last weeks was our last one before Christmas......oops. So we'd like to just say a quick apology to anyone hoping to link up this week, but we will be back in the new year and will be tweeting out when we back up and running for link ups. 

On behalf of Sarah and myself, we hope you all have an amazing Christmas and festive period and welcome the new year in with a bang. We are planning on spending lots of time with the family, eating too much and drinking lots. We both want to thankyou for your continued support to make our little linky a lovely place to be. 

We hope to see you all back in the New Year but until then have an absolutely brilliant Christmas!

Best of Worst


  1. Have a fabulous Christmas to you both.Thank you for the support you have given me throughout the year xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you and y our family! I LOVE your tree, so pretty! xx

  3. Lovely Christmas Tree I have same one in big saloon with bi fold doors.
    Fresh tree are best. Thank you for your blog. I found by mistake :)

  4. Have a great new year yourself!


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