Saturday 9 April 2016

Weekend Style #34

It's been another quiet week for outfits this week, Elarna is steadily becoming more and more mobile and dresses hold her up in her mission to move (although saying that dungarees are worse!). Due to illness and general doom and gloom this week I bring only a small selection of outfits to be featured. If you fancy reading the last weekend style please do!

The first outfit is this lovely set of pale pink dungarees.......another sale purchase (yes, yes I know I spent alot in the sales!). I just love seeing Elarna in dungarees and these are so pretty. As I said not good for the increasingly more mobile child and when she crawls her little legs seem to get lost inside them and she resembles a slug, bless her! 

Pink Dungarees and Floral Vest Set - Boots/Mini Club (original price £14.00)

Hairband - Unsure where from

We then have Alfie. My bff has just returned from a trip to NYC (jealous much) and I'd asked if she could bring back a genuine basketball or similar top. She was unable to get a knicks top and instead brought Alfie back a mets baseball top and I blimming love it! I am really into dressing Alfie into these American style sports tops and this one is fab, it's also lovely quality and feels really nice so ta very much Aunty Kat, we love you lots. I've no idea if you can get these in the UK, I expect you can so I might have to have a search! Could I get him to smile for the photo ......could I heck! Never mind, you get the gist. 

Lastly a lovely little dress from John Lewis. I love how it's an all in one with the jumper top and floral skirt, it looks so pretty on. I just put a pair of pink tights with it but reckon a pair of leggings would looks just as cute. She's ready for spring in this dress! 

 Pink and Floral Dress - John Lewis (unsure of cost)

Tights - Marks & Spencer (unsure of cost)

Cat Pram Shoes - Next (RRP £8.00)

My favourite thing out of all these outfits this week are Elarna's shoes, I have bought 2 different sizes because I love them so much and she's nearly outgrown these, wahhhh! They are super cute. 

What do you think of our outfit choices this week?


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  1. Gorgeous outfits, I am especially loving the flowery dress x #weekendtotstyle #fkf

  2. Those outfits are so adorable! The first one is my favourite xx

  3. Beautiful outfits! Alfie looks really smart in his baseball shirt! Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  4. I know what you mean about dresses! Little I stopped wearing them pretty much as soon as she could crawl and walk all the way through to probably just a few months ago, and she's almost 2! They just don't seem to help with the mobile stage at all haha. Loving the dungaree set, the baseball top and the floral dress - lovely outfits! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a great weekend :) #weekendtotstyle

  5. Ooh those cat pram shoes are divine!!! She is so well dressed! I love her little outfits :) Also loving your son's baseball tee - he looks so cool in it :)

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx

  6. I love those pink dungarees - they're so cute. And those shoes!! #FunkyKidFriday


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