Tuesday 12 April 2016

Baby Sight Tool with Vision Direct.

Sight is one of the most precious things in life. We take it for granted every day and for me, to lose this sense would be catastrophic. I've always been intrigued by sight, how it develops, how do we see and how do we determine things like colours, shapes and images. Sadly my vision isn't brilliant and I've worn contacts for years after being very short sighted but I hope that my children's vision is better than mine throughout their life. 

When I had Alfie I had no idea about what newborns were able to see, in matter of fact I thought they could see alot more than they actually can. What newborns actually see to begin with is shapes, movement and light but all in shades of grey.....how fascinating is that! As the baby grows so does their sight and by the age of 12 months their vision is almost as good as an adult.

Vision Direct have created this amazing tool to enable parents to see the world as if through our children's eyes. It's pretty cool, by using a simple slider you can view just how their vision changes throughout the first year.



For more information please see below where I have featured the official press release from Vision Direct, it gives a bit more insight into the tool and its designer. 

Vision Direct’s New Digital Tool Helps Parents Learn About Baby Sight

A new interactive tool from Vision Direct helps parents learn how their baby’s vision develops over the first year.

LONDON, February 2016. Vision Direct has launched an online tool to show parents what their baby’s sight might be like as he or she grows older. Using the simple interface, parents can quickly shift from a newborn’s first view to the fully developed vision of a 12 month old child.

·        Developed by opticians, this digital tool features a simple sliding scale to show the developmental stages of a baby’s eyesight.

·        Input your child’s age and the tool will give you some idea of what your baby’s field of vision, depth perception and colour awareness might be like.

·        As you move the slider, you’ll notice colours and objects become sharper. For instance a newborn will see only black and white while a two-month old will see only bright primary shades.

Brendan O’Brien, Vision Direct’s Head Optician and Chief Operating Officer, commented on the launch of the tool:

“We hope this will help parents understand how their baby’s vision changes during this critical time for development. The tool features helpful tips on how to support your child as they learn to focus, track objects and see colours.”

Vision Direct hopes parents can refer to this tool as their baby grows and use this resource to encourage healthy development.

As well as being the leading online retailer of contact lenses in Europe, Vision Direct is committed to being a leading resource for eye health and information.

For more information, follow Vision Direct on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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