Wednesday 10 December 2014

Glossybox December 2014 - Review

So here we are, the final box of the year from Glossybox. I was genuinely looking forward to receive it, I was certain that it would be full of festive cheer and marvellous items. Well how wrong was I? I fear this is the end of the road  for me with Glossybox and here is why......

Surely in a December box there should be some reference to the festive season? In this months selection of items I see none of that, what I see is a mish mash of random products that I feel have no thought put into them whatsoever, add to that yet ANOTHER brow colour from a brand that I really dislike (terrible, cheap packaging and dreadful quality) to a spot stick??? I mean come on Glossybox what's going on?!! Compare this box to the 2013 box (you can read that review by clicking here) and I think it's fair to say that this years box is a big, fat let down. The only redeeming feature I can see are that 4 out of 5 the items are full size and the packaging is cute (plus the only festive thing to be seen!).

What did I receive?

So Susan Cosmetics Dual Brow Powder (full size received RRP £11.95), I cannot believe I have been sent another brow item I only just received a brow mascara in the September box so why am I being sent another?! Plus the packaging on this item is something I would expect to pay 99p for in a pound store it is incredibly cheap feeling so the RRP in my opinion is shocking! Dislike.

The next item is SkinPep Wrinkle Clear Peptide Serum (RRP £29.99 for full size 30ml, sample size received), I like a serum, I really do but it's another one of those 'meh' items that is neither here or there and does not have me jumping up and down with festive cheer! It feels like Glossybox are trying to push this brand also as it has been included recently in another box, again not a fan.

Possibly the best out item sent in this box? Possibly? Hmmmm, maybe not. Anatomicals zap! zap! zap! Gets that Chap Day & Night Spot Stick (RRP £3.79 for full size received). Cute product I guess, I like that it's double ended for use either in the day or evening but again not exactly a thrilling item for a Christmas box! 

Fourth item was another brand that I actually do quite like, Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain in Shade Coral (RRP £12.99 for full size received). This is a 2 in 1 item and can either be used as a cheek stain or lip tint, quite a nice item in a pretty shade, I think this the best item received out of the box.

Final item received was the Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp 60 Second Treatment Shots (RRP £4.50 for pack of 4). These shots are designed to nourish the scalp and renew your hair, Tresemme are a brand I'm not keen on, I don't find they are a benefit to my hair so these may be heading in my Mum's direction! 

That sums up the December Glossybox, perhaps I'm being slightly harsh but I did expect more, I really feel that Glossybox have lost their way a bit over the last few months, they keep promising the world and never seem to deliver, the thing is I really love the idea and my finger is hovering over the cancel button but part of me wants to see what the January box will include! What to do?!

What did everyone else think of the latest Glossybox?


  1. It is a shame you didn't like it, I think this is the risk with these monthly subscriptions! Fair enough there could be something you end up testing and loving but I think id rather buy an item a month I know I'm eager to try and hopefully love. Hope your January box is better! And yes I agree it should definitely be more festive!

    Meimei xx

    1. Definitley the risk but I was really keeping my hopes up that they would make it a really great box to end the year on, X

  2. Other than the box, which is clearly festive, I personally, wouldn't call that a festive box or expect it for December.

  3. What a disappointment :(

    This seems like such a fun idea too. Oh well, money back to you to treat yourself on something else!

  4. I really love the So Susan Brow Kit. This box looks amazing! You did really well :) xx

    Kate's Wonderland - Christmas Day Out

  5. But it's definitely not festive at all though x


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