Wednesday 24 December 2014

Pregnancy Update - 23/24 Weeks

Baby is the size of an ear of corn.

So I have now reached what is commonly known in the baby forum websites as 'v day', or viability day. Once the 24th week of pregnancy has been reached if baby was to be born now (but will hopefully hang on for a few more weeks!) there is good chance of survival thanks to the medical advances and equipment available today. I'm fairly sure that this baby will not make an early appearance I was 10 days over with Alfie and being early doesn't run in our family so I'm not too concerned for an early arrival!

Last week I was struck down with flu, from Tuesday through to Friday I felt absolutely terrible and was bed bound for two days, thankfully I am now better although still slightly snotty! I can't tell you how awful I felt and the only thing I could take was paracetamol and lots of hot drinks, it completely wiped me out, I haven't felt so ill in a very long time. Generally though apart from that and feeling quite tired  some of the time I'm keeping well, I am starting to get slight acid indigestion in the evenings but nothing compared to my first pregnancy where I could barely eat and was popping Rennie's like they were going out of fashion, I'm hoping I don't suffer too badly with it! I had a midwife appointment a couple of weeks ago and the heartbeat was heard and my measurements were just slightly under what they should be so I'm pleased with that. My weight gain up till now has been 0lbs! In my past pregnancy I lost weight due to various factors (indigestion, struggled to eat food, lack of booze etc) this pregnancy I feel I am eating better but perhaps not as much as normal and with being ill last week I've actually lost around 3lbs, maybe the key to me losing weight is to be pregnant all the time!

Baby is roughly around 30cm in length now and is starting to fill out, the brain continues to develop as well as taste buds, the skin is translucent and thin but will begin to change soon. I am now starting to feel lots of movements and can actually see little ripples and jabs through my stomach, I forgot just how incredible this part of pregnancy is, it constantly amazes me that I'm growing another little life inside me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pregnancy updates, hope the next few weeks go by well x

  2. Awww this is beautiful :) Lovely update!
    Have a lovely christmas!

  3. Aww! Helen, it looks so cute. Best wishes for your pregnancy journey. God bless!!


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