Monday 22 September 2014

The Perfect Maternity Shot

Capturing The Perfect Maternity Photography

Expecting a baby? Here is a great article about capturing those special moments with Venture Photography.

The photographs you get taken at that special time of your life when you are expecting a baby will be images that you will cherish forever. This handy guide will help you get your maternity photography right. I hope these pointers will give your pictures unique qualities and you will benefit from some tricks of the trade.

Capture the Right Time
Conventional wisdom dictates that the best period of your pregnancy to have your photo shoot is seven months. At this time your bump is nice and prominent but you hopefully won’t be too uncomfortable when striking the different poses necessary.

Get the Family Involved
If you are bringing siblings into the world, get your youngest children around for the maternity shots. It might help them to understand what is going to happen in a few months time and they will make for some really cute snaps. The shoot should capture your loving family relationships as well as your bump.

Get back to Nature
Having your photo shoot outside will make a lovely natural image. If you do decide on an outdoor shoot bear in mind factors like light and weather. A field or beach are perfect or you might want to go a bit more edgy and get some urban-style pictures.

Find the correct angle that makes you feel most comfortable. Shooting from straight on is not likely to highlight the pregnancy in the slightest whereas high angles can be a more flattering way of displaying the bump. A far-off shot can take in a beautiful setting and make the subject feel the glare of the spotlight less.

Focussing on a subject in the background and distorting the mother-to-be can give the picture a unique quality and be an unexpected way of taking a maternity shot. A silhouette of your pregnant form is another way to reduce the spotlight – literally.

Shoot in Black and White
Monochrome images will ease the worry of blemishes and stretch marks showing up on your photographs. Black and white images also tend to age better so when you look back at the pictures they will not look as dated.

Use a Professional
A professional photographer will have plenty of experience in getting the personality of the mother-to-be to shine through. A good photographer will also put the subject at ease and have fun during the shoot. The professional shoot can be in addition to those taken by your partner and friends.

Wear Comfortable Clothing
The aim is to show off your beautiful pregnant form but for you to remain comfortable so tight stretchy clothes are the best attire.

Have Fun
Have FunThe pictures are a celebration of a special period of your life so try and relax and have fun. The more loose you feel the better the pictures will turn out.

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