Friday 19 September 2014

Planning for the Future - Care Home or Assisted Living?

Here is a great article about planning for the future, something that we will all have to think about at some point in the future. 

Is Assisted Living or a Care Home the Best Option for your Loved One?

There may come a time in an elderly loved one’s life when you will have to consider assisted living or a care home. They may no longer be safe living on their own, they may need extra help looking after themselves or benefit from more companionship. Either option will offer these advantages but making the choice can be difficult. Using a reputable and professional company like can really help make these choices clearer and therefore the decision a lot easier. Here are some considerations for when you are deciding whether to make the move to a care home or make arrangement for assisted living.

Benefits of Assisted Living and Care at Home

Assisted Living facilities provides more care for your elderly loved one but in a homely environment. They may need help getting up in a morning, their washing routine or medication. An assisted living Franklin assisted living Franklin community (or one elsewhere) will provide help with these aspects without the emotional trauma of moving into a more institutional setting.

Care at Home also means your relative will get all the help they need personally and around the house. Care at home carers can help with looking after houseplants or keeping appointments. There are also errands beyond the home which carers can assist with such as shopping and picking up prescriptions.

Benefits of a Care Home

A care home will deliver more focussed round the clock care to their residents. This will be of more benefit for those suffering from ill health and having increasing cognitive and mobility problems. Skilled staff will be able to give a higher level of attention to your loved one. Residents of care homes also get the opportunity to form friendships with people who are going through similar experiences. This companionship can be invaluable to their health and wellbeing. Many care homes also provide activities to make for an enjoyable life style in the residents’ advancing years.


Making the Decision

It is important to look into all the facilities which are available in your local area when making this life-changing decision. Factors such as cost and accessibility to other family members will play a part in the choice but it is vital you make the elderly relative central to any decision. Arrange meetings with representatives from all the services you are considering. If you can, speak to residents, service users and their families. If your loved one’s home is very important to them and they are able to live relatively autonomously care at home may be the answer. On the other hand, if you feel they require more focussed care in practically all areas of living, a care home may be appropriate. Quality of life should be a key factor: will they enjoy living with others or would they find it a wrench leaving home? Explore all aspects of your relatives life before coming to a conclusion and the move should improve their situation.

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