Monday 8 September 2014

Glossybox August 3rd Birthday Edition - Review

My very belated August Glossybox review! So we've reached August and along comes the next Glossybox. Celebrating their 3rd birthday the box promised lots of treats this month. I had read no spoilers so had no idea what was going to be included this month.

As always the Glossybox arrived beautifully packaged and elegantly presented. The box seemed slightly different this month but I couldn't put my finger on it as to why?!

The usual information card was included, but again we were missing the Glossy magazine which I do think is such a shame, I enjoyed flicking through the mini mag with a coffee! 

On first impressions the contents looked great! I was pretty pleased with what was sent and was looking forward to having a closer look at the items.

So what was in the box this month?

First up, Lalique L'amour Perfume Sample (Vial received RRP £67 for 50ml) described as a soft, sensual fragrance with delicate top notes of rosebuds laced with fresh bergamont, white floral heart notes and a musk base note. It smells divine, it's exactly the sort of scent I would usually choose it's just a shame a vial lasts me one go! 

Next up is something I have heard alot about but never tried. Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer (40ml tube receivedm RRP for 250ml £38.00) . Initially I was quite excited by this anything that is designed to help maintain the hairs manageability, bounce and shine and I'm there! However this is a pre-shampoo treatment that is advised to be applied 20 minutes prior to washing your hair and I just don't have time to do that, maybe I'll give it a go on a weekend if I can sweet talk my husband into looking after the little man!

The next item that caught my attention was a little pot with the Glossybox emblem on the lid, I was intrigued, initially I thought it looked like a little pot of eyeshadow similar to the ELF pots, in actual fact it was Kryolan for Glossybox Higlighter Cashmere (full size 4.5g received RRP £12.95) . I love a highlighter and this is nice, I'm always a bit unsure of cream highlighters but this is nice and versatile too I would use this as a primer on my eyelids too so a pretty good item to receive.

The next item that stood out was a mini Figs and Rouge Hand Cream 20ml received (RRP £6.95 for full size 80ml). I love Figs & Rouge, everything from the packaging, the scent and the efficacy of the items. Such a great item, it won't last long though the way I slather hand cream on!

The next item to be included was a large full size item, Comfort Zone Essentials Cleansing Milk, RRP £20 for 250ml. designed to help remove make up and pollution and leave the skin feeling refreshed and softer. I'll be interested in giving this a go as my skin is terrible at the moment.

Last but not least was a Glossybox birthday treat, a very cute mini Yves Rocher Mini Nail Polish in the shade Rose, RRP £3.60 for full size 3ml. This is a very cute little gift and a lovely colour, the brushes in these mini bottles are quite small but it applied lovely and dried super fast.

Overall a lovely box with some very nice items, one of the nicer boxes I've received to date. Bring back the mini mag though Glossybox! 

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription costing £10.00 + p&p, for more information visit the website.

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  1. What a lovely selection. I've yet to try out a Glossy Box, but it looks like it would be a good idea!

    1. Yes I was pretty pleased with the selection and I've used every single item! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thankfully the boxes do seem to be picking up in quality which is good :-) x

  3. I still haven't tried this delivery box. It always looks great


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