Wednesday 2 October 2013

NOTD - Nails Inc Kensington Palace Gardens

I'm in love.

I'm in love with a nail polish yet again. 

Arghhh Nails Inc just keep bringing out these gorgeous colours that I fall in love with! I picked this up on the ferry on the way back from France, it cost me £8.00, got to love the duty free!! 

This shade is called Kensington Palace Gardens and is one of their limited edition and 'on trend' shades, I adore the little ice cream sundae on the lid too, so cute. It's a beautiful salmon pink colour and I don't even care that's it's a summery shade I'm going to be rocking this nail polish through Autumn and quite probably Winter too ....... until I fall in love with another shade! ;-)

Sadly this is out of stock at the Nails Inc online store but Amazon have some in stock for £11.00. I say order it NOW!!!! 

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  1. Lovely shade, suits your skin tone really nicely :)
    Linda x

  2. nails inc is probably my favourite nail polish but soo pricey so you got yourself an amazing bargain!! Love this colour must check it out :)

    Meimei xx

    1. I know!! I should have stocked up on the ferry they had a great selection. Thank you for your comment :-) x


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