Monday 21 October 2013

Curvy Kate Underwear - Review

It's ok, it's safe you can read on I can confirm you are not going to be seeing any pictures of me prancing around in these lovely undies that I was sent. I genuinely wouldn't want to scare you away!! Firstly let me tell you some more info about me. I'm curvy, I have a womanly figure and shock horror I have boobs....... and yes I now have that notorious 'mummy tummy' that just seems to hang around erghh. I've never loved my body, even as a teenager I was self conscious about my shape, size etc etc but now I'm a bit more relaxed and have become more accepting that I am never going to be a size 10! After having Alfie body confidence is pretty much zero, my boobs resemble spaniels ears (what they don't tell you a few weeks of breast feeding does!), my stomach is like a plate of jelly and don't even get me started about my thighs!! 

Now that I've scarred you with a mental image let me tell you about this wonderful company that specialise in gorgeous underwear for women like me. Founded in 2009 Curvy Kate was developed to make underwear in sizes D-K and are designed for us boobylcious ladies! Designed to fit well, be supportive and also complement curves Curvy Kate was definitely something I was eager to test out to boost my body confidence a bit!

So what did I choose? 

I chose the portia black/pink set (consists of a balcony bra & short or thong, I opted for the shorts).  When I received them and tried the set I was pleasantly surprised at just how structured the bra felt, it wasn't at all flimsy and it felt really secure and it gave me a great lift! The quality of the fabric feels lovely as well, I think in reality the pink is alot brighter than what it shows in the picture but being a fan of pink that suited me fine! The detailing is just so pretty too as you can see from the picture below. 

What did I think?

I really do love everything about the set, I also have to mention the great communication that I had with the staff who work for Curvy Kate, so friendly! I also loved the sweets, pen and little catalogue that I was sent, such a lovely touch. 

I love that companies like this exist and are starting to get a decent imprint in what is a tough market. I have spent far too many stressful and at times upsetting shopping trips not being able to buy nice, pretty and feminine underwear for bigger boobs and Curvy Kate solves this for me! Just because you are blessed in the chest department it does not mean you want to be wearing massive bras that are just plain ugly! I love that they also sell swimwear which is another one of those horrible shopping trips that I dread, but next year I shall definitely be investing in some of their lovely swimwear. 

For more information on what Curvy Kate you can click on the link, you can also click here for stockists

Has anyone tried any Curvy Kate lingerie in the past? What did you think?
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* Please note I was kindly sent this set for review purposes and the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. I didn't try them as yet but would totally love to.
    I had a browse on the website few times but for some reason never placed the order... and it wasn't for sure from the lack of choice, as they have plenty to pick from.

  2. They have a lovely selection, I would recommend :-) XX

  3. What a lovely post! I really love the choice that you made as well, exactly what I would have gone for!
    I haven't tried them, yet. They are on my wishlist!

  4. I keep meaning to have a look here as I have boobs as well and they are not exactly on the small side, so finding something which fits and is pretty is quite a task xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Well if you have boobs I'd recommend having a look online at their range in that case :-) x


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