Monday 28 October 2013

Nifty thrifty!

Are you thrifty? Do you like to save money? Who doesn't realistically? 

When I was on maternity leave I spent hours and hours going through my wardrobe and garage and was amazed at how much stuff I had to sell. I literally had bin liners full of clothes, shoes, cd's, ornaments and all sorts of other nik naks that I either forgot I had or have never used! Shocking. I decided that I wanted to see how I could go about selling these items and discovered that there is many ways to do this online. 

I don't know if it was my nesting instinct or that I wanted to have less clutter but I was literally amazed by how much stuff I'd accumulated over the years. I also seemed to have a massive CD collection that was taking up boxes and boxes (I know what you're thinking so retro!), as it was quite a big collection I was unsure whether I wanted to sell them or not but after I while I realised that they were just gathering dust and taking up room in our garage! After a little bit research and noticing a few adverts on the TV for Music Magpie. I was intrigued and decided to research what it was all about. 

These sort of sites were set up for people to sell their unwanted items and make some extra cash quickly and easily. Originally set up just to sell cd's, dvd's and games Music Magpie then branched out to enable people to sell clothes, techie bit and all sorts of other things. 

I found it is so easy to use, you simply enter into the search box what it is you want to sell, click one of the boxes underneath to determine what category it falls under and BOOM you get cash for your unwanted goods!! For example I searched today using the barcode on a cd Katy Perry's teenage dream and I would get 18p for it.  I'm sure there are cd's out there that would fetch more than this but this is an example what you could get. Also to make things even easier, they also offer a free send or courier service so you're not at all out of pocket!

Once you have decided what it is you want to sell and you've sent it via the free send or courier service you can choose to be paid via bank transfer, cheque, e-vouchers or you can even donate the profit to charity which is such a lovely option to be able to choose. Depending on how much and what you have to sell you could potentially make a small fortune! 

So is it good thing to be thrifty?? Of course it is, why keep things that you haven't used for years and are taking up loads of room, you could be storing away a mini fortune that you wouldn't know about until you input these things into a selling site. Also with Christmas just around the corner every penny counts :-) 

To find out more click on the link to be taken direct to the website: Music Magpie, what are you waiting for?? Go and see how much your unwanted and unused cd's, dvd's and clothes could be worth. 

I'm off to raid the garage again hehe!

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