Tuesday 11 April 2023

Improve Your Smile Without Spending a Fortune.

{Collaborative Content} May people assume that achieving brighter and whiter teeth is only possible when spending a fortune or attaining professional help. However, this isn’t true. It is possible to achieve the results yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Looking to give your smile a bright boost without spending a fortune? Here’s how.

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At-home whitening treatments

It is possible to achieve an improved and whiter smile from the comfort of your own home if you use whitening treatments. There are many from oil pulling to professional gels. 

There is a great range of philips zoom whitening gels to choose from for your budget and preference. Although they are a small investment, they are much more affordable than professional whitening at the dentist. The results are similar yet can be achieved for less at home.

Stop smoking tobacco

Another great way to achieve a whiter smile without spending a fortune is to stop smoking tobacco. Tobacco doesn’t only cause yellowing but it also slowly damages the health of your teeth. 

Smoking can cause tooth decay and gum problems. Hence, if you can reduce your smoking or quit altogether, you will save money and enhance the health of your teeth. 

Practice your mirror

If you dislike your smile due to cosmetic issues or a lack of confidence, you can soon regain confidence and improve your smile if you practice smiling in the mirror. 

It might feel strange to smile at yourself in the mirror. However, the more you see yourself smile, you will notice how good it looks on you. Hence, you can continue loving your smile and feel encouraged to smile more. 

Brush twice daily

If you lack a proper oral hygiene routine, now is the time to make one. Having a healthy oral hygiene routine will not only reduce the risk of oral health issues but will improve the appearance of your smile. The more you brush and floss, the whiter and brighter your teeth will be. 

It is advised to brush twice daily. If you wish to brush your teeth more, do so. The more you brush your teeth, the healthier and brighter they will be. 

Remember to wear your nightguards

If you have used teeth straightening treatment such as Invisalign or braces, it is advised to continue wearing your nightguards to ensure your teeth do not move back to their original position. 

These might feel uncomfortable at first, but you will become used to them. Wearing them every night will maximize results. However, some dentists might suggest reducing the wear over time to a few times a week. If you feel your teeth are moving, speak to your dentist and start wearing the guards more. 

See, you do not need to spend a fortune improving your smile. It can be as simple as using whitening treatments or maintaining a good oral health routine. You can improve the health and appearance of your teeth in no time by spending pennies.

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