Monday 17 April 2023

What are the Most Vegan Friendly Cities in the World?

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There's good news; the world is becoming more vegan-friendly as we speak. At one time, there was hard to find a vegan restaurant anywhere you traveled, but now some of the most unlikely cities have a variety of vegan options that you can find using the convenient Happy Cow app.   

Warsaw, Poland 

The city of Warsaw has been through the wars - quite literally - it's been occupied by Italians, French, Russians, and Germans over the years, but its history has only made it richer and more progressive. Nowadays, there are more than 50 completely vegan restaurants to choose from. 

Whether you want the vegan version of traditional Polish food or a basic vegan burger to sustain you on your trip around the city, you can find a place to dine in Warsaw. Use the Happy Cow app to locate the nearest vegan restaurants to you while you soak in the long history of the city. 

Helsinki, Finland 

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, but these days it is probably better known for its crime dramas. Set against a cold backdrop - Helsinki is the coldest capital in the Nordic region - the city of Helsinki has plenty of saunas and friendly smiles to keep you warm between touring the town. 

When it comes to vegan food, Helsinki is way out in front. Helsinki was one of the first cities to introduce a vegan menu at Mcdonald's, and there are plenty of other vegan choices in the city. In Helsinki, you can find all the best vegan options, from candy and burgers to fine vegan dining.  

Montreal, Canada 

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada and gets its name from the three-peaked mountain range that surrounds it. Many people think Montreal is a capital city, but it is neither the capital of Quebec (Quebec City) nor Canada (Ottowa), but it was the capital for a few years. 

Montreal is certainly a cultural capital; however, the predominantly French-speaking city is home to international festivals and comedy shows. Montreal is also home to a wide variety of vegan restaurants, including a vegan sushi restaurant for those of you who love a fish-friendly lunch. 


Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona is a city with history and flair; it is well worth a visit if you enjoy a city break with plenty of cultures in the mix. Barcelona is home to the La Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's famous modernist Basilica. There are also plenty of markets and restaurants to enjoy as well. 

Only a few years ago, Barcelona had 24 vegan restaurants in the city, but at the last count, it was up to around 58, an indication of the growth in popularity of the vegan diet. As you might expect from such as food-centered culture, the venues are as good as michelin star bangkok

Zurich, Switzerland 

 Zurich is the capital of Switzerland, a meat and cheese-heavy society, so it might be surprising to see it on a list of the best vegan cities in the world. Times are changing, and vegan food is growing in popularity in the most unlikely places. Enjoy an amazing range of options in Zurich.   

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