Wednesday 8 March 2023

Your Springtime Gardening Checklist

{Collaborative Content} Spring is a long awaited season after the cold depths of winter. It’s a time when the sun comes back out, it gets dark at a reasonable hour, and you can spend time outside without needing to wear 4 or more layers. And that makes it a great time to get some gardening done! With the weather a bit more stable, you can start making plans for what your outdoor space will look like this summertime. However, if you want a winning garden this year, these early months of the year need to be used wisely! So, here’s what to focus on right now. 

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Hose and Compost

Hose, as in wash off the patio and any stone work to get rid of moss and sludge, and then compost as much of the dead leaves and offcuts that have fallen to the ground. Starting a compost pile will make it much easier to plant once the warmer weather moves in, and it's a good way to make use of any organic waste out of the kitchen too. 

Prune and Edge

Now it’s time to get your shears out! Prune back the bushes, make sure the plants are well cut, and don’t be afraid to mow that lawn right back until you can see the edges of your brick work again. Keep it neat and tidy now that spring is here, as it’ll only continue to grow as the summer approaches. Starting the fight now will ensure you don’t have so much work to do when it’s too hot to pull your gardening gloves on! 

Pull Up Weeds

Weeds love to germinate throughout the late winter; they sink into the soil and stay dormant for a little while, and then they spring up all proud once summer shows its face again. Which means it’s time to get pulling, and be sure to dig them all up from the root. The more you get out now, the less there will be pushing through your patio stones in the next couple of months. They’re hard to get rid of once their seeds have made it far into the soil, so try to be as proactive as possible here. 

Plan Your Summer Patio

What do you want to do with the garden in the summer? Now’s the time to decide! Get your ideas in early, secure deals on things like teak garden furniture sets, and you won’t have to pay premium prices in a few months time. So, if you want your patio to be an outdoor diner’s paradise, draw up a layout. If you’d rather have some comfy chairs and a firepit out there, do some research for the best kind. Start now, get it down in writing, and then you’ll have everything ready to set it up later on when the sun comes out. 

Springtime gardening isn’t all that difficult - there’s just a lot to get on with! Start with this checklist to get a jump on the project.

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