Thursday 3 March 2022

Tips to Renovate your Garden without Losing its Magic.

Image by MIO ITO on Unsplash

{Collaborative Content} A winning garden should not be beaten by drastic changes in weather, nor should it prevent us from enjoying our gardens outdoors while our plants slumber waiting for spring to bloom. Feeling hopeless and loving your garden as much as you used to when they used to catch more rays? Here are some tips to win back your winning garden.

Comfortable Seating

As this is a space where you will naturally want to rest and spend your down-time during the spring and summer months, you are probably going to want some sort of seating which is as comfortable for you as possible. For instance, you may want a seat with a back to lean against or cushions to sit on that you can access easily within the garden itself. 

Something else you can do in order to maximise the comfort of your outdoor space is to place shrubs or hedging behind where you will be sitting. It might be useful to think about what times of day you are likely to want to be in the space, and where the sun is at those times – especially if you prefer shady spots, or if you want to opt for greeting the morning sun as it rises.

Have A Garden Plan

Winter is the perfect time to evaluate the layout and design of your garden. Once deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves (with the exception of beech trees and a few others that hold on to their foliage until early spring) you will be able to observe the framework of your garden more easily. These plants don’t have to be tall; even waist-high shrubs will help define your garden space and serve as a backdrop for your herbaceous plants. In your new garden plan, you might also want to consider enlarging your planting beds in order to reduce mowing time and create a more water-wise landscape. Once established and set up, you will find that some crops require fewer resources, like water or fertilizer, in order to survive long-term. 

Growing Larger Plants

We all know the formula: trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, reduce ozone levels and erosion, and provide habitats for birds and other wildlife. The list of their benefits is infinite but, aside from these, they are easy investments to help spruce up your garden since their beauty affects light and shadow, offering varied leaf shape and colour, and providing another layer of interest to give your garden a sense of longevity.

If you need a dedicated expert who can advise you on how to care for and meet the daily needs of your trees. Even though the average person with a search engine at their disposal might be able to perform the necessary care to maintain a large tree, over time things can get a little more complicated. This is where contacting a Tree Surgeon can help. So instead of sowing from scratch, invest in a mature plant or tree to take the pressure off!

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