Tuesday 29 March 2022

Fitness and Nutrition Myths you need to Ignore.

*Collaborative Content* As summer approaches, you might be thinking about getting ‘summer ready’ ready to bare all on the beach after two years of lockdowns. Summer can be a great way to kick-start your fitness routine, ready to develop some healthier habits that will last you year-round.

But you won’t be the only one thinking about your fitness routine right now. It can be hard to escape the fitness and nutrition chatter. It’s all over your social media feeds and probably spoken a lot amongst your friends too. With so much information flying around, how can you tell what’s true and what’s not? 

Here are some fitness myths you need to ignore, so you can focus on getting in shape in a healthy and informed way.

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You need to cut out carbs to lose weight

Thanks to popular diet fads, a lot of people believe that you need to cut out carbs in order to lose weight. But this isn’t true. Losing weight is all about having a calorie deficit where your body burns more calories than it consumes each day - meaning your body turns to its fat stores for energy. A calorie deficit doesn’t have to be achieved by cutting out food groups, it’s much better to have a balance.

Using weights will make you bulky

Weight training is often associated with men, which has led to the myth that using weights in your workouts will make you bulky. This isn’t true. While cardio-based exercises are great for getting your heart going, they don’t have to be your only form of exercise. Weight training can help you burn calories, get stronger and tone your muscles for a leaner shape. Try some strength training for beginners to help you experience the benefits of weight training.

Diet programmes are the only way to lose weight

Popular diet programmes based on points or similar systems are favoured by many because they are easy. There are rules to follow, and the weight starts to come down. But do these programmes really teach you healthy habits for life? A lot of people struggle to keep up the weight loss once they reach their target weight because they don’t know what they should be doing afterwards.

Doing your research into healthier eating will help you see that it’s easier than you think to go it alone. From how to use steelsupplements.com supplements to how to make balanced meals, doing your research into losing weight in a sustainable, healthy way will pay off. If you are going to use a programme, look for one that focuses on healthy habits for life, and not just for the summer.

Gaining weight is a sign it’s not working

Weight fluctuates daily, and once you get to know that, your approach to your weight can change. Weighing more frequently can show you how your weight changes, showing you the importance of trusting the process. 

Your weight isn’t the only sign of progress. Your fitness levels, measurements and how you look and feel in clothes can all show your progress away from the scale. Track your progress to help you feel more confident about your results. If you really feel that something isn’t working, then look at some of the ways you might be holding yourself back.

With the right approach to your health and fitness, you can develop some better habits that will change your outlook for good. Always do your research to dispel the myths and don’t let negative influences stop you from reaching your goals.

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