Tuesday 20 October 2020

Six Ways to Improve Your Working from Home Setup.

{Collaborative Content} Whether you’ve been working from home for years or 2020 has seen you set up from your spare room for the first time, it can take a while to get used to beginning your working day without leaving the house. Taking the time to make your home workspace comfy, cosy and calm will mean you can stay productive, and enjoy working from home for however long you need to.

1.    Get your lighting sorted

If possible, your workspace should be somewhere with plenty of natural light. As the days get shorter, this might be more difficult to achieve. Instead, you could consider sitting somewhere with warm-coloured lamps to help you work without hurting your eyes. Going one step further to help your workspace really feel like your own, lighting candles will help create a relaxed environment for you to concentrate in, as well as helping you feel cosy and autumnal as the nights draw in.

2.    Invest in a proper chair 

We’ve all heard how important is to look after our backs with proper office chairs, but it can sometimes be easier said than done. However, proper posture makes all the difference when you’re working from home. Investing in an office chair with a supportive back as well as comfortable armrests means you won’t cause yourself any injuries further down the line.

3.    Keep comfortable and warm

One of the perks about working from home is that you have complete control over your environment. Whether you prefer to be right by the radiator or enjoy a colder climate to concentrate, working from home lets you control the temperature on your own terms. Of course when choosing a boiler it is important to do you research and work to a budget, always compare the combi boiler prices'to get the lowest new boiler cost ' .

It’s impossible to concentrate if you’re too cold, so a central heating system you can rely on is a must when you’re working from home. If your radiators need improving or it’s time for a new boiler installation altogether, keeping warm while you work will see your concentration and your comfort go sky high. BOXT offer you a range of the most popular boilers, alongside next day delivery and monthly pricing plans to make sure you’re never caught out in the cold.

4.    Create your perfect playlist 

One of the biggest adjustments to make when you’re working from home is not having your colleagues around. Even if your office is quiet for the majority of the time, catching up with your colleagues on coffee breaks or lunch is a key part of your working day, and so can be easy to miss when you’re working from home by yourself every day. As well as regular catchups and calls with your team, one way to combat this is to create a playlist of your favourite podcasts and tunes to use as background noise throughout the day. 

Be careful not to fall into the trap of watching TV while you work, though. While background music can help you concentrate, having your favourite show playing in front of your laptop screen will see your productivity drop right down.

5.    Get dressed, but get dressed comfortably 

As well as getting your working from home environment set up just the way you like it, it’s important you dress for your working day too. Your clothes can be casual, but the key factor is that they’re different from your pyjamas. Getting changed at the beginning and end of your working day helps you set boundaries between work and home, something that’s especially important when we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future. Don’t feel like you have to put your best suit on, though - even something as simple as running your brush through your hair can make all the difference when it comes to feeling motivated and ready for the working day.

6.    Find a permanent workspace if possible

Finally, if your flat or family home allows it, setting up your desk in a permanent place can help you better balance work and home life. As well as giving you the chance to decorate to your preference, creating a home office environment that works perfectly for you keeps your work life separate. There’s a lot to be said for shutting the door on your laptop at the end of your working week. Rather than being tempted to check your emails on a weekend while your laptop’s in plain sight, leaving your work behind closed doors helps you literally switch off as soon as you’re out of the virtual office. 

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