Friday 16 October 2020

Simple Beauty Tips to Use This Month.

{Collaborative content} Although most of us have been stuck at home for the last six months in lockdown, we are now beginning to see some changes in the guidelines and soon it might be time to get back out in the world once more. 

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However, after a long time sitting at home in our pyjamas and without makeup - the idea of being back out in the world can be intimidating. If you feel like you may struggle with your confidence being back out in the world this winter, we have some simple beauty tips for you to make you feel beautiful. 

Use Pinterest for Inspiration 
Pinterest isn’t just a great place to find recipes and ideas for DIY at home; it is also a wonderful place to find fashion inspiration. It is likely that you have forgotten how to put an outfit together after being in the house for so long, and this winter you should take a look through Pinterest and use the photos to put your outfits together! It will not only put you outside of your comfort zone, but it will force you to wear pieces that you may not have worn otherwise. 

Hydrate your skin
Winter is a harsh season, and your skin will soon suffer under the dry, cold conditions. This is why it is always so important to hydrate your skin throughout the day and keep it looking glowing and young. Make sure you don’t forget to put sunscreen on too because even in cold temperatures the sun can cause damage to the skin.

Show off those pearly whites 
Our teeth are a part of our bodies that we can often forget about taking care of, especially once we are adults and our mom is no longer booking dentist appointments! There are a lot of different things we can do for our teeth such as whitening, cosmetic bonding and veneers- however most of the time good hygiene should be enough to keep our teeth happy and healthy for years to come. It is important for us to take the time every day to brush our teeth properly, and floss at least every few days. Good dental hygiene can make a world of difference to our look, and you won’t feel embarrassed to smile brightly for every photograph! 

Dare to wear heels 
Although most of your year has probably consisted of wearing slippers or socks - fall and winter are the perfect times to be daring and wear stunning heels. Heels come in many shapes and sizes from cute little ankle boots to over the knee showstoppers. Do your outfits a favour this season and pair them with a stunning pair of heels and you won’t be disappointed! 

Go easy on bronzer 
Bronzer is an accessory we tend to use a lot of during the summer months, but now that the seasons have changed it is time to say goodbye to those glowing bronze hues. Instead, keep your makeup routine simple and go with a matte contour, pink blush, and a touch of highlighter to finish. This fresh and simple look will compliment the more daring eye looks you can try this season. 

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