Wednesday 23 September 2020

What you want to Know about having an Open Fire.

{Collaborative content} When it comes to what makes a comfy and cosy home, there are many aspects of the fantasy that change from person to person. We all have our own tastes. However, there’s one notion that tends to remain pretty consistent: that of the open fire. However, while the fantasy might be clean and easy, the reality can be a bit of a hassle, so here are some tips to make sure you’re not getting overwhelmed by your open fire.

You need to childproof it
Keeping your home safe isn’t just about securing the entrances and keeping your valuables protected. It’s about making sure that the indoors are safe as well. To that end, if you have any young ones or pets running around the home, then it’s a good idea to childproof the fire. A good fireguard should be big enough to encompass the whole fireplace, and secure enough that it can’t easily be moved out of the way by a child.

Do not just burn any old wood
If you’re buying or acquiring wood to burn in the fireplace, then make sure that you’re using the right wood. Good firewood is dried and cured, making it burn more efficiently. There’s nothing wrong with chopping your own firewood if you can acquire it. However, furniture wood, lumber, and construction scraps should not be going anywhere near your fireplace. A lot of these woods are treated in some way and may release chemicals in the home when burned that could end up doing real damage to your health.

Keep your wood dry and secure
You’re likely going to be keeping up with your supply of wood to keep the fire going through the colder months. Do not make the mistake that a lot of new fireplace owners make. Don’t leave your wood outside. If you don’t have a storage space for it, it might be time to look at installing a log store in the garden,. Damp fire is not going to burn well and might end up wasting your money.

Know how to control the damper
The damper is the slot in the door at the front of the fireplace that effectively controls how much airflow gets into the fire. You want to open it enough to get rid of smoke when the fire is on. However, if you open it too much, then cold air will rush in, carrying the heat up the chimney instead. Furthermore, you shouldn’t close the damper too early as this can result in smoke building up from the smouldering embers.

Know when to call for help
If there’s a lot of smoke building up, even if the damper is open, then it might be time to have your chimney swept. Otherwise, it’s recommended that you do this at least once a year, usually before winter when you’re more likely to need those services.

An open fire can be every bit the luxurious home comfort as you might imagine. However, it also demands taking some responsibility for it, too. There is snothing better than a roaring fire on a cold and dreary evening. 

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