Monday 7 September 2020

Booking a Secure Post Covid Holiday.

{Collaboratie Content} You love to travel and want to take advantage of the restrictions. Nobody can blame you for this because everybody deserves a break this year! As you know, this blog is still posting travel content during the pandemic, so there's no judgement here!

Figuring out how to secure your holiday financially in a post-Covid world isn't straightforward. Let's face it - anything can happen by the time you book it and get around to boarding the plane. You don't want the industry's unpredictable nature to get in the way, but you're desperate to travel. It's such a horrible predicament!

Thankfully, there are ways to limit the damage.

Book With A Safe Airline 

"Safe" depends on your definition! Firstly, you want to choose an airline that doesn't appear as if it's about to go bust any time soon. For example, flying with Delta or Virgin after a multimillion-pound bailout is a gamble. Cancelling your flight is one thing, but you won't get anything back if they go bust. Also, you should factor in which companies have treated their customers well during the pandemic. Ryanair has yet to pay back the fees for cancelling, and some of them backdate to March. Therefore, it may be better to pick another airline if you need the money returned quickly.

Opt For A Package Deal

While package deals are usually not as cheap, they offer a higher level of protection. This is because you have two options regarding cancellations. Imagine the scene. You only book a plane ticket and the airline refuses to cancel, even though the Coronavirus R number is increasing. Sadly, you don't have much protection if the flight goes ahead as planned. Thankfully, with a package deal, the company has to come through with the accommodation too. Therefore, if the hotel cancels, you're entitled to a refund within two weeks.

Go Late

If you prefer not to take the chance with a more expensive holiday, a flight-only trip is the best option. You run the risk of not receiving a refund, yet there are lots of risks involved anyway. The trick is to draw a line in the sand regarding what you're willing to spend. Nobody likes to lose money, but if it's an amount you're happy to forfeit, you won't lose sleep. Always book late deals. Post-Covid, the latter you pull the trigger, the better since the situation will be clearer than if you do it weeks in advance. 

Delay It

Alternatively, you may not want a refund. Before you dismiss the crazy notion, you can accept vouchers instead, or the airline could offer to honour your booking in the future. For lots of people, this isn't suitable; however, you may find it ideal if the deal is affordable and you want something to look forward to in the future. It's been a long year, and it's not over yet, so a holiday when the pandemic has calmed down could get you through the hard times!

Here's to hoping your trip goes ahead and is as incredible as you imagined!

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