Sunday 6 September 2020

Capturing the Newborn Days.

{Collaborative content} Having a baby is such a wonderful experience, when that squishy, little squeaky newborn is thrust in your arms it can both be overwhelming and mind blowing at the same time, especially if your first born. There are many things you can do or might want to consider to enable you to look back on these memories. Here is a little list of things to consider to capture those wonderful baby days!

- Capturing those special moments by using a newborn photographer is definitely top of my list. We had a photo shoot done with Alfie and the photos are just such a wonderful and special memento, I look back on them with such fondness. Of course you will need to research your local photographers to make sure you get someone you can trust with taking some beautiful images. Ask the photographer for their advice, ask them to play around with different effects and backgrounds, sometimes having plain backgrounds can be super effective, or you may want something a bit more quirky, or you may want a bold background such as solid wood flooring, the options are endless but you will be so pleased that you have captured moments. 

- Get a memory bear made. Using old sleepsuits or similar, memory bears can be such a lovely and effective way of having a keepsake. These look so cute and can have the babies name, date of birth and weight stitched onto the paws, or whatever you want really to make them personal. They look lovely and can passed down through generations. 

- Fill in your red book. You know those books that you get given at birth well fill them in! They are a wonderful memento and are a great reminder of immunisations and lost teeth! 

- Buy a memory book. Now I admit I was good with keeping the memory book up to date with my first but not so much with my second, however I am pleased I did make the effort more or less as I have some great memories written down and to look back over the years.

- Use some milestone cards or a milestone mat to capture all those wonderful firsts! I can't tell you how lovely it is to look back over the pictures of these! Such nice memories.

Of course there are so many things you can do and these tips really are just a small selection. There are many ways you can capture the newborn days to ensure you have lots of memories but of course the best thing about newborn babies is being able to care for them, nuture them and make them feel loved. 

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