Friday 5 June 2020

Turning your Garden into a Usable and Enjoyable Space.


{Collaborative Content} If you have a garden, you’re extremely lucky. Nowadays, increasing numbers of people don’t have a private outdoor space they can call their own. Having a garden means you can comfortably spend time outside relaxing with easy access to any of the different things you might want during the day. You can head back inside easily to grab a snack, make a meal, use the bathroom or to simply spend time between your indoor space and your outdoor space as the weather and temperature fluctuates. Increasing numbers of blocks of flats and apartment blocks, as well as a rise in house sharing, means that many of us either don’t have an outdoor space or simply cannot use available outdoor space comfortably. People may have to head to local parks or elsewhere to get their time in the sun. So, those with gardens should make the most of the space that they do have and make it as usable and enjoyable as possible! Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you to achieve this!

Complete The Basics

First, you’re going to have to tackle some gardening basics to make the space safe and usable. If you’ve been neglecting your garden over the winter months, this may take a few days of hard work and effort. But all in all, it will prove worth it. Start by scouring any long grass for potentially dangerous or hazardous objects that could pose a problem while mowing the lawn. Large rocks, toys, pieces of debris or other objects will need to be picked up and moved or disposed of. Once the area is clear, you can run the lawn mower around. Have patience and be precise for the best finish! If grass is particularly long when you’re starting out, you may need to use a strimmer to cut it down to a mow-able length first. This strimmer will also come in handy for cutting down the edges and corners of your green space. Next, it’s time to start pulling weeds. There’s a good chance that these will have begun to establish themselves in your garden and you need to make sure that you remove them properly in order to get rid of them permanently. You need to pull them from the root and you need to make sure to get rid of the entire root - otherwise they’ll simply grow back. Once these basics are complete, you should have a clear lawn to use well! 

Laying Grass Seed 

Sometimes, you’ll find that your lawn doesn’t look all too healthy once it’s cut down. This can be because overly long grass has prevented sun from getting to certain areas and it may not have been maintained well, so what’s left after cutting can be sparse, weak and yellow rather than green. Alternatively, there may be well worn areas of the garden where a pet repeatedly runs or walks that are looking bare. To resolve this, take a look at options on offer from The Grass People. Laying new grass seed can help grass in these areas to grow and will give you a lush, green finish.

Prune and Trim 

If you have bushes and trees in your outdoor space, you can tackle them carefully. Use a pair of shears or a hedge cutter to get your bushes into shape. Alternatively, if you don’t have a steady hand or want a particularly neat and straight finish, or a particular shape to your bush, you may want to call in professionals. If you have trees, you will need to prune them properly. Again, you can carefully tackle this yourself, but you will generally have safer and better results by using professionals like a tree surgeon. 

Invest in Outdoor Furniture

Once the above steps are complete, your garden is going to be looking pretty great. You’re bound to want to spend some time out there! Now, you can just sit out on the floor. But outdoor furniture tends to be much more comfortable. Whether that’s deckchairs, outdoor chairs, outdoor sofas or anything else. Browse the different options available to you and invest in something that fits well into your space!

Sure, this may sound like a lot of hard work. But it really is worth it to have a comfortable garden where you can spend time during the summer months. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to achieve this as best possible!

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