Friday 5 June 2020

Simple Steps for Choosing Flowers for your Garden Project.

{Collobarative Content} A well-kept garden is a thing of both beauty and price to its owner. But if you want to start your new green-fingered hobby what should you think about before you set to planting? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when picking out your newest flowers.

Location Location Location
Picking the perfect flower is one thing, but all other considerations go out the window if you don’t place them in an appropriate planting area. There’s not much point in spending so much money rebuilding your new planting area if you decide to put it behind a shed and under a tree where there is little to no direct sunlight, is there? Make sure the location you pick is in as much natural sunlight as possible. This gives your flowers all the light they need to grow into the beautiful cascade of colour you’re dreaming of.

Timing the seasons
The changing of the seasons is not only going to have a major impact on what you can actually grow but also on what colours will look best at that time of year. If you are picking plants for summer, then vibrant and bright colours are the best choice to go for. Make sure you plant them at the right time as well in order to maximise the effect they have on your overall garden plan. Maybe consider mixing in some evergreen plants as well to give some background colour all year round.

A quick note on the grass. The grass is still going to provide colour to your garden. However, if you prefer grass that doesn’t lose its green, then why not consider artificial grass? It’s more expensive to install but requires very little maintenance over the years. If you want to look further into artificial grass then why not check here to get a bit more information, or to book an appointment: . If Artificial grass isn’t for you then consider using regular grass feed to try and keep the green colour as fresh as possible, for as long as possible.

Size matters
Consider the size of the flowers you are wanting to grow and the space you have to grow them in before you get to planting. Picking plants that have a tendency to spread out as they grow won’t work if you plan on filling every square inch with something different. All that will happen is either a tangled mess or some flowers not growing as they are robbed of key nutrients from the other flowers around them. Height is also a factor. It’s hard to grow 6-foot sunflowers if you don’t have the area above them for them to grow into. Make sure you space out taller flowers compared to smaller ones. If they grow too large they may be blocking vital sunlight to the smaller flowers.

Flowers and plants require care, but some require more than others.unfortunately there are too many flowers with such varying need to list here. Simply check with your local flower nursery before purchasing. They will have a wealth of information available to you if you ask and most are only too happy to help. 

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