Wednesday 24 June 2020

6 Gambling Habits Men and Women Exhibit Differently.

Gender was once a significant factor in sports and gambling in a casino. If you lay your hands on footage of sporting events of those days, all you will see are men entertaining men. Even more, reserved for men than sport then was gambling. Hardly would you see a lady then gambling. But today, the trend has changed and more frequently people are partaking in gambling online, looking to gain unibet casino rewards, or rewards from other online gaming websites, to help them improve and ultimately win!

Nowadays, it seems both men and women enjoy gambling at online casinos almost equally, it is quite usual to see both male and female participation in these things. Furthermore, if you look at the demographics of people signing up for these ever-popular websites or looking at sports odds comparison sites you may see a vast increase in gambling ladies! Accordingly, with online casinos offering a wide range of enticing incentives such as free spins on registration, this trend is expected to continue well into the future.

“He plays, she plays” is a survey carried out in January 2019 to compare the gambling habits of men and women. About 1000 online gamblers in the UK participated in the survey; the survey also compared these amazing trends in the gambling habits of men and women. A similar survey related to online gambling was conducted in New Zealand, and the results were almost identical.The first is what do they gamble on?

What do they gamble on?

There might not be many differences in the number of male gamblers compared to the female gamblers. But there is certainly a huge difference in the kind of games they stake their money on.

The survey showed the following trend in the kind of games men and women are playing online for cash.

  • 73% of men go for sports betting while 40% of women bet on sport

  • 60% of women but only 28.65% of men play online bingo

  • 34% of women play online slots while only 26.5% of men play slot games

  • 27% of men play roulette at a live casino while only 19% of women play this game

  • 23% of men play blackjack but only 18% of women

  • Apart from sport, online poker is the next most favourite game among men with 29.18% of them playing it, but less than 20% of women consider it a favourite game

  • Bingo comes first for women followed by sports and then followed by online slots

  • Altogether, sports betting have the highest fan with 58.5% of gamblers

Where do they play?

There are online casinos in countries all around the world, and people look at resources like this list of Jazzy Spins sister sites to help them decide which casino site to sign up with to get the most from their money and gambling experience. When it comes to physical location, however, you may be surprised that men and women almost equally gamble in the most unusual places at the same rate. While 27% of men confessed that they had at least once gambled online while they were in the bathroom, 23% of the women confessed to having done the same. Also, 10% of men, as well as 10% of women, had once visited online gambling sites to place a bet while in the hospital.

How much do they play?

Gambling is all about money. The survey showed that there is also a significant difference between the amounts of money men spend on gambling in a week compared to women within the same period.

On average, the survey showed that:

  • 51.8% of women spend less than £ 10 a week while only 35.9% of men spend this low.

  • 19% of women spend between £ 11 s and £ 20 but 25.4 of men are in this range.

  • Only 2.2% of women spend between £ 101 to £250. Meanwhile, 3.56% of men can afford to spend that much on gambling in a week.

Why do they gamble?

The survey gave 6 possible reasons to gamble with the respondents and they were asked to choose the ones that applied to them. The available options are:

  • Fun

  • Money

  • To be sociable

  • For winning sake

  • To overcome boredom

  • For the thrill of it

The results showed that they are almost the same reason both men and women gamble.

  • 56.6% of men play for money while 54.9% of women play for the same reason.

  • 54.4% of men want to win while 51.8% of women are interested in winning.

  • 22.5% of men gamble to prevent boredom while 19.4% of women tick this option.

How do they manage to win?

With over 50% of gamblers playing to win, the survey tried to see how they will react to a win of 500 pounds. The gamblers gave the following responses:

  • 13% of men claim they would use their winning to play more while only 9% of women would risk winning on the further attempt. Those willing to use their winning to play some more, include 15% of between 25 – 34, while only those about 55% are less willing to take this option.

  • 61% of men would cash in their winning instantly while a whopping 72.3% of women would do the same.

How often do they change playing sites?

With many tempting welcome bonuses and other offers from online gambling sites, the survey tried to see how often gamblers change their playing sites. The results showed that over 35% of women stick to one website while only 29% of men stick to their customers. Also, 31% of women play with two websites alternatively while 33% of men do this.

In Conclusion

There are not many differences between the number of men gambling online and the number of women gambling online. There are also no much differences between the reason they gamble and where they gamble. Also, there is a huge difference between the amount of money men spend on gambling and the amount women spend. 

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