Monday 3 February 2020

Top Tips for Choosing an Awesome Kids Gift!

{Ad} Ahh kids birthdays! Children just love, love, love their birthdays don't they. Once Christmas is out of the way they just count down the weeks until their birthday. Or is this just my two?! I have two kids fairly close together for birthdays, my four year old daughter is April then quite closely followed my seven year old in May. Then throw into the mix all the school birthday parties as with two at school there seems to be a celebration or party every week at the moment! Both of my children generally have certain requests of things they would like but I always like to get some surprises too and try to think outside the box to get them things are are usual or memory making activities that will enrich their life. Of course they get things that they have asked for but I do like to get a few surprises also.

It can be easy to be generic when it comes to purchasing presents and sometimes we all need a little inspo when gifting, (check out Wicked Uncle’s gift list for 18 month olds, which I love). Sometimes, even buying gifts for babies and younger children the pressure can feel immense to 'get it right' and it can certainly be quite tricky to purchase for children that you don't know or have any idea of their interests but hey I love a challenge! After thinking about how, at times it can be a struggle to be original and not to over think things I decided to put together a few tips to help anyone else who stresses or worries about buying gifts for your children's friends that you don't know. Ultimately, it's the thought that counts of course but it's always nice for a child to turn up with a little gift after being invited to their party.

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- Firstly, as mentioned above don't stress about it, children really are just so happy with a token gift and that they are having a party! 

- I often buy a load of small pocket money gifts and books and make up a party parcel which has several little things in it like pens, stickers, a book, blind bags, lip balms, bath bombs and things like that. It depends on the age, I find this most useful for Alfie's age but for Elarna's age group I enjoy choosing a bit more fun and colourful toys and sometimes a bit quirky and unusual. I also find craft items are always a good choice.

- Don't think you have to spend a fortune, it is always the thought that counts so it's important to keep that at the back of your mind and remember that.

- If you are still struggling, head to a website like Wicked Uncle and choose the age category to help you with options. There are tons of products and I can guarantee that I will find something that will be enjoyed and loved by the kids. I love doing this as it so good for inspiration and there are some awesome gifts to choose from!

- Ask the parent. If you know the child's Mum or Dad then ask for the child's interests or if there is anything that they would love or even that they dislike!

- If you are really struggling to think of ideas pop some cash in the card so the child can choose to spend their money where they would like!

Overall just don't over think these things, have fun choosing gifts and enjoy celebrating all those birthdays.

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